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Circle Magazine

Circle Magazine was published from 1944 to 1948 by George Leite, initially with poet Bern Porter. Produced at Leite’s Berkeley, California bookstore, daliel’s, the 10 issues featured poetry, prose, criticism and art from many of those whose creative works and their successors would later come to be called the San Francisco Renaissance. In addition to the magazine, Circle Editions published contemporary authors such as Albert Cossery and Henry Miller (a personal friend of Leite’s).

Circle, No. 1, 1944
Henry Miller – Open Letter to Small Magazines
Philip Lamantia – Two Poems
Bern Porter – You’re No Dope: Let Me Save You
Jeanne McGahey – Street With People
Rosalie Moore – Poem In 2 Scenes
George Elliott – The Red Battery
George Leite – Toward A Technique Of Rule
Josephine Miles – Four Poems
Joseph Van Auker – Pirandello In Chains
Lawrence Hart – The Map Of The Country

Circle, No. 2, 1944
Henry Miller – To Anaïs Nin
Glen Coffield – Two Poems
William Everson – Two War Elegies
Robert Barlow – Four Poems
Bern Porter – Letter To Gabene
W. Edwin Ver Becke – Four Line Prints
C.F. MacIntyre – Rilke And The Lost God
Dean Jeffries – Three Poems
William Carlos Williams – To The Dean
George Leite – To Henry Miller
Philip Lamantia – Two Poems
Shaemus Keilty – Quinquin

Circle, No. 3, 1944
Harry Hershkowitz – The Bulbul Birds
Kenneth Patchen – Four Poems
W. Edwin Ver Becke – The Father
Yvan Goll – Histoire De Parmenia L’Havanaise
Thomas Parkinson – Morning Passage
George Elliott – Two Poems
Douglas MacAgy – Palimpsest
Pvt. Leonard Wolf – Two Poems
Hamilton Tyler – Mr. Eliot And Mr. Milton
Jackson Burke – Poem
Pvt. J.C. Crews – Poem
M. Wheelan Grote – First Impression Of College
Lt (jg) Hubert Creekmore – Two Poems
Marie Wells – Two Poems
Lawrence Hart – About Marie Wells
Robert Lottick – Poem
Wendel Anderson – Poem
Kenneth Rexroth – Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Circle, No. 4, 1944
Anaïs Nin – The All-Seeing
Theodore Schroeder – Where Is Obscenity?
Arthur Ginzel – Four
Walter Fowlie – The Two Creators
George Leite – Low Darkened Shelter
Henry Miller – Varda: The Master Builder
Lee Ver Duft – Poems
Herbert Cahoon – Marley And The Gemini
Lt. Joseph Stanley Pennell – Two Poems
Bern Porter – All Over The Place
James Franklin Lewis – To John Wheelwright
Forrest Anderson – Sea Poems
Warren d’Azevedo – Deep Six For Danny
Lt. Robert L. Dark – Two poems
Kenneth Rexroth – Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Circle, No. 5, 1945
Weldon Kees – The Purcells
E.E. Cummings – Five Poems
Dane Rudhyar – Neptune, Evocator Extraordinary
Jess Cloud – Three Portraits
Henri Hell – Max Jacob
Douglas MacAgy – Clay Spohn’s War Machines
Henry Miller – Preface For The Power Within Us
Aline Musyl – Four Little Poems
Albert Clements – Rain
Alfred Young Fisher – Voltas For Fugues
George Leite & Bern Porter – Photo-poems
Frederic Ramsey, Jr. – Artist’s Life
Nicholas Moore – A Poem & A Story
Marguerite Martin – First Pity
Paul Radin – Journey Of The Soul
Max Harris – Two Poems

Circle, No. 6, 1945
Lawrence Hart – Some Elements Of Active Poetry
Rosalie Moore – Letter To Camp Orford, Poem In Two Scenes
Robert Barlow – Framed Portent, Table Set For Sea Slime
Marie Wells – Death At Noon, Monody In One
Jeanne McGahey – Road To Chicago
Alfred Morang – Darling Sister And The Pound Of Liver
Haldeen Brady -Whirl
Henry Miller – Knud Merrild: A Holiday In Paint
Robert Barlow – Tepuzteca, Tepehua
James Laughlin – Poem In 38 Lines
Thomas Parkinson – John Works On A Figure Of Virginia, Carving It
Harry Roskolenko – Return, The Expert
Eugene Gramm – A Gallery Of Americans
Maude Phelps Hutchins – Soliloquy At Dinner
Alex Comfort – The Soldiers
William Pillin – My Reply As A Jew
Leonora Carrington – Flannel Night Shirt
Richard O. Moore – Villanelle 1, Villanelle 2
Kenneth Rexroth – Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Circle, No. 7-8, 1946
Robert Duncan – The Years As Catches
Ian Hugo – Two Block Prints
Anaïs Nin – Hedja
Hamilton Tyler – Finnegan Epic
Bern Porter – Map Of Joyce’s Life
Lindley Williams Hubbell Jacques Vache
Kenneth Patchen – Sleepers Awake
Thomas Hughes Ingle – Tattooed Sailor
Kenneth O. Hanson – Falstaff And The Chinese Poet
Douglas MacAgy – Without Horizon
James McCray – Four Paintings
Yvan Goll – The Magic Circle
Brewster Ghiselin – Concert In Dorse
Charlotte Marletto – Oblique Epitome
A.M. Klein – In Memoriam
Thomas Parkinson – Letter To A Young Lady
Howard O’Hagan – The Colony
Edmund de Coligny – The Poem Of The Two Oscars
Robert Barlow – Angel Hernandez, Artist
George Leite & Bern Porter – Two Photo-poems
Edwin Ver Becke – A Line Drawing And A Story, The Tryst
Gil Orovitz – Flamenco
Shaun FitzSimon – Easter Bells
Roger Pryor Dodge – A Non-esthetic Basis For The Dance
Alex Austin – Civilization
Oscar Williams – The Lemmings
Paul Radin – Three Conversions
Osmond Beckwith – Fire Sale
Warren D’ Azevedo – Blue Peter
Darius Milhaud – French Music Between Two Wars
George Barrows – Creative Photography
W.S. Graham – Three Poems
Eithene Wilkins – Two Poems
Jack Jones – A Story, A Poem
Samuel Holmes – The Death Of An Innocent
James Steel Smith – Murder And Complacency
Georges Henein – There Are No Pointless Jests
Martin H. Mack – It All Depends On How You Want It
David Cornel DeJong – Three Poems
Henry Miller – Three Books Tangent To Circle

Circle, No. 9, 1946
Lawrence Durrell – Eight Aspects Of Melissa
Gerald Burke – Essay On Children
Richard O. Moore – A History Primer
Jim Fitzsimmons – Four Experimental Nudes
David Stuart – The Inflammable Angel Kezia
C.F. MacIntyre – The Ars Poetica Of Paul Valery
William Everson – The Release
A. Seixas – Ellwood Graham
George Leite – The Wing: The Mirror
Alexis Comfort – Taras And The Snowfield
Walker Winslow – NP Ward
Hilaire Hiler – Manifesto Of Psychromatic Design
Harold Norse – Three Poems
Robert Wosniak – The Man In The Cape
Robert Stock – Triumphal Arch
Ericka Braun – Oath Of The Tennis Court
Max Harris (poet) – Revolutionary Poem
Mary Fabilli – The Memorable Hosptial
Will Gibson – Poem For Three
Selwyn Schwartz – Four Poems
Ernst Kaiser – The Development From Surrealism
Richard Lyons (writer) – A Note To Kenneth Patchen
Byron Vazakas – Two Poems
Henry Miller – Rimbaud Opus (Part Two)
Harry Roskolenko – PR, The Portable Review

Circle, No. 10, 1948
John Whitney & James Whitney – Audio-Visual Music
Joseph Stanley Pennell – Logistics
Mary Fabilli – The Boss
Giuseppe Ungaretti – Eight Poems
Antony Borrow – The Great Refusal
Douglas MacAgy – A Margin Of Chaos
Charles Howard – The Bride
Harry Partch – Show-horses In The Concert Ring
Robert Barlow – The Malinche Of Acacingo
Alex Comfort – Two Enemies Of Society
D. Rentis – Forward
Attile Joseph – Two Poems
Clarisse Blazek – Poet In Hungary
George Elliott – Story
Luis J. Trinkaus – Eight Inches Of Snow
Kendrick Smithyman – Legends Of The Gunner And His Girl
Warren D’Azevedo – Shuttle
Robert Duncan – Toward An African Elegy
Jody Scott & George Leite- Admission of Fission

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Philip Lamantia

photo by Harry Redl


Philip Lamantia was born to Sicilian immigrants in San Francisco in 1927. His father was a produce broker in the old Embarcadero. He began writing poetry in elementary school and was later inspired by the paintings of Miro and Dali at the San Francisco Museum of Art. After being expelled for “intellectual delinquency” at age sixteen, he dropped out of high school and moved to New York City, where he lived for several years and where he was associated with Andre Breton and other exiled European artists such as Max Ernst and Yves Tanguy. During these years he worked as an assistant editor of View magazine and his poems were published in View as well as in publications like Hemispheres, which was being published by another French ex-patriot Yvan Goll.

In 1943, when Lamantia was only fifteen years old, Breton heralded him as being “a voice that rises once in a hundred years.” In 1946, at the age of nineteen, his first book of poems Erotic Poems was published by Bern Porter Books in Berkeley, California, followed by two collections (Narcotica and Ekstasis) published in 1959 by Auerhahn Press. A literary prodigy whose poems delved into the worlds of the subconscious and dreams, his love of Surrealism had a major influence on the Beats and other American poets. On March 7, 2005 he died of heart failure in his North Beach, San Francisco apartment at age seventy-seven.

–Thomas Rain Crowe

Section A: Books and Broadsides

1. Lamantia, Philip. EROTIC POEMS
(Berkeley): Bern Porter, 1946
First edition, hardcover issued without dust jacket, 42 pages.

2. Lamantia, Philip. EKSTASIS
lamantia_ekstasisSan Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1959
First edition, perfect-bound wrappers, 5.75? x 7?48 pages, (circa 950 copies). Titling by Robert La Vigne. Printed announcement issued.
(Auerhahn 3)

3. Lamantia, Philip. NARCOTICA
lamantia_narcoticaSan Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1959
First edition, saddle-stapled illustrated wrappers, 6.25? x 8.5?, 16 pages, (750 copies). Cover photographs by Wallace Berman. Published as Auerhahn Pamphlet No. 1. Printed announcement issued.
(Auerhahn 5)

4. Lamantia, Philip. DESTROYED WORKS
lamantia_destroyedSan Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1962
A. First edition, perfect-bound illustrated wrappers, 7? x 8.75?, 48 pages, 1250 copies. (pictured)
B. First edition, hardcover, 7? x 8.75?, 48 pages, 50 numbered and signed copies, bound by the Schuberth Bindery.
(Auerhahn 18)

5. Lamantia, Philip. TOUCH OF THE MARVELOUS
(Berkeley): Oyez, 1966
a. First edition, hardcover, 65 pages, 50 copies on handmade Tovil paper, numbered, signed by the author, bound by Dorothy Hawley.
b. First edition, sewn and glued into wrappers, 65 pages, 1450 copies.

6. Lamantia, Philip. SELCETED POEMS 1943-1966
(San Francisco): City Lights Books, (1967)
First edition, wrappers, 100 pages, published as Pocket Poets Series Number 20. (Cook 61)

7. Lamantia, Philip. THE BLOOD OF THE AIR
lamantia_bloodSan Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1970
a. First edition, hardcover , 45 pages, 50 copies, numbered, signed by the author, published as Writing 25. (pictured)
b. First edition, wrappers, 45 pages, published as Writing 25.

8. Lamantia, Philip. TOUCH OF THE MARVELOUS
Bolinas: Four Seasons Foundation, 1974
Second, expanded edition, wrappers, 47 pages, includes three poems not in the original edition: “Celestial Estrangement”, “Submarine Languor”, and “To You Henry Miller”.

9. Lamantia, Philip. BECOMING VISIBLE
San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1981
a. First edition, hardcover, 96 pages, published as Pocket Poet Series No. 39.
b. First edition, wrappers, 96 pages, published as Pocket Poet Series No. 39.
(Cook 146)

10. Lamantia, Philip. MEADOWLARK WEST
San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1986
First edition, wrappers, 73 pages. (Cook 171)

11. Lamantia, Philip. BED OF SPHINXES: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, 1943-1993
San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1997
First edition, wrappers, 141 pages.

12. Lamantia, Philip. WHAT IS NOT STRANGE?
San Francisco: City Lights, 2005
First edition, broadside.

 Section B: Contributions to Books and Anthologies, Selected

sequence within years is alphabetical

BEATITUDE ANTHOLOGY. San Francisco: City Lights, 1960

THE BEATS, edited by Seymour Krim. Greenwich: Gold Medal, 1960

THE BEAT SCENE, edited by Elias Wilentz, photographs by Fred McDarrah. New York: Corinth Books, 1960

THE NEW ORLANDO POETRY ANTHOLOGY. New York: New Orlando Publication, 1963

PENGUIN MODERN POETS, 13. London: Penguin, 1969

AERO INTO THE AETHER. Philip Lamantia, Clark Ashton Smith.  Black Swan Press, 1980

FREE SPRITS: ANNALS OF THE INSURGENT IMAGINATION. San Francisco: City Lights, 1980. First edition, wrappers, 223 pages

WHITMAN’S WILD CHILDREN, edited by Neeli Cherkovski. Venice: Lapis Press, 1988

TAU & JOURNEY TO THE END. Philip Lamantia, John Hoffman. San Francisco: City Lights, 2008

CITY LIGHTS POCKET POETS ANTHOLOGY, edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. San Francisco: City Lights, 2009

Section C: Contributions to Periodicals, Selected

sequence within years is alphabetical

VIEW, Series III, Number 2. New York, June 1943

VIEW, Series III, Number 3. New York, 1943

VIEW, Series IV, Number 2. New York, Summer 1944

VVV, Number 4. New York, 1944

HEMISPHERES, Number 5. New York, 1945

VIEW, Series V, Number 2. New York, 1945

NEW DIRECTIONS, Number 9. New York, 1946

CONTOUR QUARTERLY, Volume 1, Number 1. Berkeley, 1947

NOW, Number 7. London, February-March 1947

CITY LIGHTS, Number 4. San Francisco, Fall 1953

NEW DIRECTIONS, Number 14. New York, 1953

BEATITUDE, Number 9. San Francisco, September 1959

SEMINA, Number 4. San Francisco, 1959

SEMINA, Number 5. San Francisco, 1959

EVERGREEN REVIEW, Volume 4, Number 11. New York, January-February 1960

THE GALLEY SAIL REVIEW, Number 5. San Francisco, Winter 1960

YUGEN, 6. New York, 1960

DAMASCUS ROAD, Number 1. Allentown, 1961


MEASURE, Number 3. Milton, Summer 1962

THE OUTSIDER, Number 2. New Orleans, Summer 1962

TOBAR, Number 4. New York, 1962

EL CORNO EMPLUMADO, Number 9. Mexico City, 1964

FUCK YOU: A MAGAZINE OF THE ARTS, Volume 5, Number 7. New York, September 1964

DAMASCUS ROAD, Number 2. Allentown, 1965

RESIDU, Volume 1, Number 1. Athens, Spring 1965

THE PARIS REVIEW, Number 36. Paris, 1966

THE FLOATING BEAR, Number 33. New York, February 1967

THE FLOATING BEAR, Number 34. New York, 1967

THE FLOATING BEAR, Number 35. New York, April 1968

CATERPILLAR, 10. New York, January 1969

CATERPILLAR, 17. Sherman Oaks, October 1971

INTREPID, Number 20. Buffalo, 1971

ANTAEUS, 6. Tangier, Summer 1972

THE LAMP IN THE SPINE, Number 4. Iowa City, Spring 1972

THE SEVENTIES, Number 1.  Madison, Spring 1972

ARSENAL, Number 2. Chicago, Summer 1973

CULTURAL CORRESPONDENCE, Number 12-14. Providence, Summer 1981

ZYZZYVA, Volume 1, Number 4. San Francisco, Winter 1985

CITY LIGHTS REVIEW, 1. San Francisco, 1987

CALIBAN, 7. Ann Arbor, 1989

CITY LIGHTS REVIEW, 4. San Francisco, 1990

Section D: Ephemera

San Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1962. First edition, wrappers

San Francisco: Focus Gallery, 1975. First edition, wrappers

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