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Ebbe Borregaard

Ebbe Borregaard 1970Ebbe Borregaard’s work was published in the first run of White Rabbit Press in 1958 and then by Oyez using the name “Gerard Boar”, the anagrammatic pseudonym of his last name. He also appeared in several periodicals over the years and self-published some poetry and letters.

Along with his wife Joy, Ebbe owned and operated Borregaard’s Museum and Art Gallery. The idea behind establishing the venue in 1960 was to showcase the creative achievement of the Spicer circle. Helen Adam’s play SAN FRANCISCO’S BURNING was performed by Adam and her sister Pat in that first year. The following year the museum hosted a show of Jess’s work as well as a series of lectures by Duncan.

Borregaard also ran Oannes Press, publishing two titles: Helen and Pat Adam’s SAN FRANCISCO’S BURNING and James Alexander’s ETURNATURE, the latter in conjunction with Open Space.

Moving to Bolinas in 1969, Borregaard was later included in ON THE MESA: AN ANTHOLOGY OF BOLINAS WRITING published in 1971 by City Lights.

A. Books and Broadsides

1. Borregaard, Ebbe. THE WAPITIS
borregaard_wapitisSan Francisco: White Rabbit Press, January 1958
First edition, sewn printed wrappers, 6.5″ x 8.5″, 12 pages, (200 copies). Ebbe Borregaard’s first book. Cover illustration by Robert Duncan. (Johnston A4)

2. Borregard, Ebbe. LEANTO
San Francisco: n.p., 1960
First edition, printed french-fold wrappers, 125 copies, mimeograph. Illustrated by J. Alexander.

3. Borregaard, Ebbe. CHILDHOOD OF DWARF CHRIST 1

Sussex: Collection, 1969
First edition, side-stapled illustrated wrappers, 9 copies, off-print of pages  25-36 from Collection 3 edited by Peter Riley.

4. Boar, Gerard. SKETCHES FOR 13 SONNETS 
Berkeley: Oyez, 1969
First edition, saddle-stapled printed wrappers, 1600 copies, designed and printed by Graham Mackintosh

5. Borregaard, Ebbe. FRIDAY NIGHT PROVERBS
Bolinas, n.d.
First edition, broadside.

B. Contributions to Periodicals and Anthologies

1. J, No. 1, edited by Jack Spicer
mags_j01San Francisco, 1959
“Ballad for Billy Swan”, “Ballad for SAD”

2. Collection, No. 3, edited by Peter Riley
Sussex, January 1969
“Childhood of Dwarf Christ 1”

3. Adventures in Poetry, No. 11, edited by Larry Fagin
New York: The Poetry Project, Spring 1974
“October Seventh Poem”