d.a. levy: Contributions to Periodicals

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Section C:
This index includes contributions to periodicals
(Note: sequence within years is alphabetical by title)


1. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 7, No. 2, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan
mags_freelancev7n2Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1963
“And Sappho’s Kiss”, [untitled] “They brought the dawn down…”, [untitled] “This strange little bird…”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy


2. THE AMERICAN WEAVE, Vol. 28, No. 1, edited by Loring and Alice Crane Williams
Cleveland: American Weave Press, Spring and Summer 1964
“Centiparty”, “A Square Lady”

3. DIAMOND SANGHA, Vol. 4, No. 5
Honolulu: Koka An, September 1964
[untitled] “The sun crashes through…”, [untitled] “Hundreds of sparrows…”, [untitled] “I walked to the end…”

4. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 8, No. 1, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan
mags_freelancev8n1Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1964
[untitled] “Sun bleached desert skin…”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

5. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 8, No. 2, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan
mags_freelancev8n2Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1964
“Ode to a Non-Union Truckdriver passing through Northeastern Ohio”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

6. INPUT, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by Peter Salmansohn and Frank Roth
mags_inputv1n4New York: Input, December 1964
“How to be a Poet and Influence People”

7. KAURI, No. 4, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, August-September 1964

8. KAURI, No. 5, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, November-December 1964
“Surrealist Scene”

9. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 3, Issue 15, edited by Marvin Malone
Storrs: The Wormwood Review, 1964
“Aleatoric Poem for the New Dominant”, “No Gamekeeper Shot a Luminous Owl”


10. 15¢, No. 1, edited by Susan and John Cornillon
Cleveland: n.p., n.d. [1965]
“The Suburban Prophets (for R.D.)”

11. BLITZ, No. 2, edited by Bobby Watson and Mel Buffington
La Grande: Blitz/Mad Virgin, 1965
“I Tell Myself a Story because I am Bored – Part 2 (from The Journal of Ugly Sundown)”

12. BORDER, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Wayne Philpott
Fort Smith: Border Press, July 1965

13. COERCION, No. 4, edited by Clarence Major
mags_coercionOmaha: Winter 1965
“Vaginal Visionaries”

Note: includes Clarence Major essay on the renegade press, “Another One of the Biggest Little Prospects”

14. EL CORNO EMPLUMADO, No. 15, edited by Sergio Mondragón and Margaret Randall
Mexico City: El Corno Emplumado, July 1965
“Van Gogh”

Note: includes one levy illustration

15. EARTH, No. 1, edited by Steve Richmond
mags_earth1Santa Monica: Earth Books & Gallery, 1965

16. THE FENN LITERARY OMNIBUS, Vol. 3, edited by Keith M. Davie
mags_fennliteraryCleveland: Fenn College Writers’ Club, 1965
“Lady A”, “Necropolis”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

17. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 9, No. 1, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan
Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1965
“Cleveland Undercovers #7”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

18. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 9, No. 2, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan
Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1965

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

19. GOOSEBERRY, No. 2, edited by John Cornillon and Susan Koppelman Cornillon
mags_gooseberry2Cleveland: Gooseberry Publications, n.d. [c.1965]
“from The Destroyed Journal”

20. HEAD SECOND, edited by Erik Kiviat
mags_headsecondStaatsburg: Head, n.p. [c.1965]
Cover and illustrations by d.a. levy

21. INPUT, Vol. 2, No. 1, Issue 5, edited by Peter Salmansohn and Frank Roth
mags_input5New York: Input, Spring 1965
“Cock Suck Poem”

22. KAURI, No. 7, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, March-April 1965
“Poem for the Day I Decided I Would Rather be d.a. levy than a Great Poet”

23. MAGAZINE, No. 2, edited by Kirby Congdon
New York: Crank Books, 1965
“The Wandering White”

Note: includes a history and manifesto of the renegade press by d.a. levy.

24. OLE, No. 2, edited by Douglas Blazek
Bensenville: Open Skull Press, 1965
“Bourgeoisie Chant”

25. REGION, No. 4, edited by David Morton
mags_region4Minneapolis: Region Magazine, 1965
“Tantric Frontiers”, “Dark Moon”

26. TRACE, Vol. 6, No. 6, edited by James Boyer May
mags_tracev6n6London: Villiers Publications, May 1965
“Fleuf Fiejd”, “Metropolis Complex Areolex”, “Rain is a Wild Horse” 

Tampa: Poetry Review, 1965
“Sunpoem”, “Bukowski Drinks a Lot”


28. BLEW OINTMENT, Vol. 4, No. 1, edited by Bill Bissett
Vancouver: blewointment press, 1966
“Visualized Prayer to the American God #2”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #4”

29. DO-IT!, No. 1, edited by Matt Shulman
Omaha: Do-It, 1966
“The Suburban Prophets”, “Light on, The Old Test (for Charles Olson)”,  “The Ballad of No Berets”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

30. DO-IT!, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by Matt Shulman
Omaha: Do-It, August 15, 1966
“A Mantra to Protect One from the Viet Cong (North and South)”, “A Non of Viet Nam Gothic for the Alamo”

31. DUST, No. 8, edited by Len Fulton
El Cerrito: Dust Books, Spring-Summer 1966
“Cleveland Undercovers #10”

mags_eightpagers1p1New York: press : today : niagara, 1966
“segment from A Destroyed Journal”, “from The North American Book of the Dead”, [untitled] “I always thought people…”

33. GANGLIA, No. 3, edited by David Aylward and BP Nichol
mags_ganglia3Toronto: Ganglia Press, January 1966
“To Jim Lowells Goldfish”, No-Rooms (for Carol Bergé)”,  “Haiku & Senryu”

34. GRIST, No. 8, edited by John E. Fowler and George Kimball
mags_grist8Lawrence: Abington Book Shop, 1966
“Himeros”, “For a Rainy Day”

35. GRIST, No. 9, edited by John E. Fowler and George Kimball
Lawrence: Abington Book Shop, 1966
[untitled] “I am moving…”

36. HIKA, Vol. 28, No. 3, edited by Michael K. Berryhill and Michael Kirchberger
mags_hikav28n3Gambier: Kenyon College, Spring-Summer 1966
“If You Break an Iron Angels Wings”

37. INTREPID, No. 6, edited by Allen De Loach
New York: Intrepid Press, 1966
“Yes, Me Too”

LABRIS, No. 4-5, edited by Max Kazan, et al
mags_labris45Lier: Labris, July 1966
“Bourgeoisie Chant”

38. MAINLY, No. 3
Brecon, Wales: Mainly, May 1966
[untitled] “She smiles quietly…”

39. MAINLY, No. 4
Brecon, Wales: Mainly, September 1966
“A Line for the Hawk Faced God who Carried the Sun at Dawn”, “Sappho”

40. MOONSTONES, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by D.r. Wagner
Niagara Falls: press:today:niagara, 1966
“Iron Cross of the Sun”

Note: back cover art by d.a. levy

41. POETRY NEWSLETTER, No. 9/10, edited by Wally Depew, Mike Perkins, and Linda Bandt
mags_poetrynews910Sacramento: Poetry Newsletter, 1966
“American Opinion”, “Cleveland on the Picket Line…” [letter]

42. POETRY NEWSLETTER, No. 11, edited by Wally Depew and Linda Bandt
mags_poetrynews11Scranton: Poetry Newsletter, 1966
“Revision #5”, “R.E. Vision #8 for W.E. Wyatt”

Toronto: Spanish Fleye, 1966
“Beret”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God”, “Hymn & Invocation for the American God”

44. SPERO, Vol. 1, Issue 2, edited by Douglas and Kathy Casement
Chicago: Spero, 1966
“New Ethnic Poem for the Beat Generation in Cleveland”

45. SUM, No. 2, edited by Carl Woideck
Lakewood: Sum, 1966
“They Have Stolen my Dream Time”

46. TLALOC, No. 13, edited by Cavan McCarthy
mags_tlaloc13Leeds: Tlaloc, 1966
“Chalchihuitlicue No.13 (Rain Poem Concrete)”, “Chalchihuitlicue No.14 (Light Rain Poem Concrete)”, “The Para-Concrete Manifesto”

47. VINCENT, No. 1, edited by Frank Murphy
New York: Vincent, 1966
“The Ice Breaker”


48. ASSASSINATORS BROADSHEET, No. 1, edited by Chris Torrance and Bill Wyatt
Surrey: n.p., March 1967
“Sitting on a Bench Near T Square (for David Meltzer)”, “Poem for our Lady of Songs & Dimensions”, “The Suburban Prophets”

Note: flyer laid-in titled: “Project Bring Cleveland into the 20th Century” describing levy’s indictment written by rjs and appears to be an order form for UCANHAVYRFUKINCITIBAK

49. BLACK MASK, No. 8, edited by Ben Morea and Ron Hahne
New York: Black Mask, October – November 1967
[untitled] “… you see d.r. they are murdering the children we didnt have time to become…”

Vancouver: blewointment press, January 1967
“Scarab #2”, “2/8/66 from The Book”, “Letter to Lady Bergé”, “The Para-Concrete Manifesto”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #1”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #2”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #3”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #4”, “Bourgeoisie Chant”,

51. CONGRESS, No. 1, edited by Sam Seiffer
Bronx: Congress, 1967
“Praps (1)”

Note: essay by Sam Seiffer titled, “The First Freedom” discusses the arrest and indictment of Jim Lowell and d.a. levy in Cleveland in 1966-7.

52. CONGRESS, No. 2, edited by Sam Seiffer
Bronx: Congress, 1967
“Praps 1 (Three)”, “Censorship”, “Levy by Levy”

53. CONGRESS, No. 3, edited by Sam Seiffer
New York: Congress, 1967
“from The Tantric Strobe”, “from Kibbutz in the Sky Book 3”, “Spontaneous Contact in the Mind: Cancelled”

Note: d.a. levy is listed as the Cleveland editor, cover photo of the Be-In at the lagoon in front of the Cleveland Art Museum by Martin Szutter.

54. DIAMOND SANGHA, Vol. 7, Nos. 2 & 3
mags_diamondsv7n23Honolulu: Koka An, March – June 1967
[untitled] “On the second trail…” (excerpt from The North American Book of the Dead, Part IV, 1966)

55. ENTRAILS, Vol. 3, edited by Gene Bloom and Mike Berardi
mags_entrails3New York: Whispershit Press, February-March 1967
“R.E. Vision #10”, “Underground Advertisement #3”

56. EUPHORIA (FORMERLY TARGET), No. 5, edited by Paul J. Green
mags_euphoria5Peterborough: Euphoria, n.d. [c. 1967]
“Prosecutor, as Hired Gunslinger”, “P’er Aps 6 (We Wait for You Return)”

57. FAT FROG, No. 1, edited by Sharon Asselin
mags_fatfrogSan Francisco: Steven Andrews Press, n.d. [c.1967]
“Notes/Variations on a Short Poem”

Note: page of ‘Defense Funds’ lists levy as a spokesman for ‘The Blood-and-Guts-Revolution-no-Nonsense-Poetry’

58. THE FLASH OF PASADENA, No. 5, edited by David Laidig
mags_flash5Pasadena: David Laidig Publishing, 1967
“What Can I Say?”, “Visualized Prayer for the American God #6”

59. FREE LOVE PERIODICALLY, No. 1, edited by RJS
Cleveland: Free Love Press, n.d. [c.1967]
“We are all Putting Out / But Noone is Receiving”, “Poem for Lama Ginsberg”

60. FREE LOVE PERIODICALLY, No. 2, guest-edited by Tom Kryss
Cleveland: Free Love Press, June 1967
“There Seems to be Some Discrepancy or Why is RJS in Jail?”, “What Can I Say?”, “Psychedelic Information Center”, “Visualized Prayer for the American God #5”

Note: cover by Dagmar [cover drawing was also used on the rear cover of Tom Kryss’ 13 Tricks To Set Free The Wind (Ghost Press, Cleveland, 1966)]

61. GRONK, No. 3, edited by David W. Harris, et al
mags_gronk3Toronto: Fleye Press, March 1967
“Unmailed Letters to Ed Pederson and (the Mysterious) Annburgers”

62. HOW-TLALOC, edited by Cavan McCarthy
mags_howtlalocLeeds: Location Press, n.d. [c.1967]
“Chalchihuitlicue (for Carol Berge’.. 1965 & 1966)”

63. THE LAST TIMES, edited by Charles Plymell, Claude Pélieu, et al
San Francisco: 1967

64. MATRIX, No. 2, edited by Tony Dash and Brian Wake
mags_matrix2Bootle: Matrix, November 1967
“The Great Surrealist Dream Happening of the Asphodel & Other Ecstasies that were Still / Born in Cleveland (for Ptah Lowell)”, “Turner”

65. MOONSTONES, No. 3, edited by D.r. Wagner
Sacramento: Runcible Spoon, 1967
“Insulin Shock Letter”

66. OLE, No. 7, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole7Bensenville: Open Skull Press, 1967

67. ONSLAUGHT ’67, No. 1
Pepper Pike: Onslaught, April 1967
“The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”

68. POLEMIC, Vol. 11, No. 2, edited by Walter E. Wadas
Cleveland: Western Reserve University, Spring 1967
“Road Road Go Away”

69. SUM, No. 3, edited by Carl Woideck
mags_sum3Sacramento: SUM, n.d. [c.1967]
[untitled] “The sunlight shining thru…” 

70. TARGET, No. 3, edited by Paul J. Green
mags_target3Peterborough: Target, 1967
“Love Poem of a Lion”, “Mar 2 & 3”

71. THE WILLIE, No. 1, edited by William Hageman
mags_willie1San Francisco: Manic Press, Summer 1967
“Cleveland Uber Alles”, “The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”

Note: this version of “Cleveland Uber Alles” is different than the one that appears in Kibbutz in The Sky #1.

72. WINE BUTTON, edited by Dave Fraser, Robert Serling, Dick Sweeney
mags_winebuttonHighland Park: Wine Button, n.d. [c.1967]
“The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”


73. ASYLUM, No. 4, edited by Tony Dash and Brian Wake
mags_asylum4Bootle: Asylum Publications, March 1968
“Praps i/7 (for j.s.)”

74. ASYLUM, No. 6, edited by Tony Dash
mags_asylum6Bootle: Asylum Publications, October 1968
“A Fragment from the Destroyed Journal…”, “To Jim Lowells Goldfish”

Note: includes special supplement:  Eleven Cleveland Poets section with an introduction by George Dowden including Dominique, Alex Gildzen, T.L. Kryss, d.a. levy, John Pitts, rjs, John Rose, Jeanne Sonville, Steve Slavik, Tammy, Kent Taylor.

75. AVALANCHE, No. 4, edited by Richard Krech
mags_avalanche4Berkeley: Undermine Press, 1968
“Additions to The North American Book of the Dead”

76. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2, edited by Casper LeRoy Jordan and Russell Atkins
mags_freelance12Cleveland: Free Lance, 1968
“Ode to a Non-Union Truckdriver Passing through Northeastern Ohio”, “World War III”, [untitled] “Sun bleached desert skin…”

77. INTRANSIT, edited by Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol
mags_intransitEugene: Toad Press, 1968
“Rebirth Blues”

78. THE MARIJUANA REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Michael Aldrich & Ed Sanders
mags_marijreview1Buffalo: Lemar International, October-December 1968

Note: although there is no content attributed to d.a. levy, he is listed as the Cleveland Correspondent.

79. MOONSTONES, No. 4, edited by D.r. Wagner and Barbara O’Connelly
mags_moonstones4Sacramento: Runcible Spoon, 1968

Note: untitled illustration by d.a. levy

80. MOTHER, No. 11, edited by Ronald Caplan
mags_mother11Pittsburgh: Mother Press, n.d. [c.1968]
[untitled] “its the way she died…”.

81. NOLA EXPRESS, No. 14
New Orleans: NOLA Express, n.d. [c.1968]
cover collage by d.a. levy.

82. ORPHEUS, Vol. 2 No. 2, edited by Charlie Adrian, et al
mags_orpheusv2n2Phoenix: Orpheus, n.d. [c.1968]
“Mar 1”

83. RADICAL AMERICA, Vol. 2, No. 5, edited by Paul Buhle
mags_radamv2n5Madison: Students for a Democratic Society, September – October 1968
“Visualized Prayer to the American God #2”

84. RADICAL AMERICA, Vol. 2, No. 6, edited by Paul Buhle
mags_radamv2n6Madison: Students for a Democratic Society, November – December 1968
“Sitting on a Bench Near T Square”, “Suburban Monastery Death Poem, Part Six”, “R.E. Vision #2”

85. RENAISSANCE, OPEN CITY SECTION TWO, edited by Charles Bukowski
n.p.: Open City, n.d. [c.1968]
“Poem to Michael Solomon”

86. TOUCAN, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by R.L. Carothers and Alex Gildzen
mags_toucan12Kent: Toucan, Winter 1968
“Warriors Rest”

87. WORDJOCK, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Charles Tidler
mags_wordjockv1n3West Layfayette: Wordjock, May 1968
“Egyptian Sunset for D.R.”

88. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 8, No. 4, ISSUE 32, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwoodn32Storrs: The Wormwood Review, 1968
“Hindu Strobe Book #2, Page 1”, “Song #236 by Milarepa”


89. ALDEBARAN REVIEW, No. 6, edited by John Oliver Simon
mags_aldebarann6Berkeley: Noh Directions Press, August-September 1969
“Green Nettle Soup”, “On the Slaying of the Red Dragon Rock Demon”

90. AND, No. 5, edited by John Rowan and Bob Cobbing
n.p.: Writers Forum, 1969
“Notice”, “Chalchihuitlice… (for Carol Berge)”,  “Bread Vision”

Cleveland: Outpost, January 1969
“R.E. Vision #2”

92. CAMELS COMING, No. 4, edited by Richard Morris
Reno: Camels Coming, February – March 1969

93. THE DRUNKEN BOAT, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Hugh Knox
mags_drunkenboatPiscataway, Scrotum Press, 1969
[untitled] “I want to go where…”

94. DUST, Vol. 3, No. 4, Issue 12, edited by Andrew Curry
mags_dust12Paradise, CA: Dustbooks, 1969
“A Non of Vietnam Gothic for The Alamo”, “Praps (1) Two”, “Road Road Go Away-”

95. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 13, Nos. 1 & 2, edited by Casper L. Jordan and Russell Atkins
Cleveland: The Free Lance, 1969
“The Magic Wheel (for Adelaide Simon)”

96. THE GOLIARDS, No. 7, edited by Jerry Burns
mags_goliardsSan Francisco: Goliards Press, June 1969
“The Burning of San Francisco – Summer 1968: ‘An Attempt to Silence the Neon Motherfucker'”

97. THE OUTSIDER, Vol. 2, Nos. 4 & 5, edited by Gypsy Lou and Jon Webb
mags_outsider45New Orleans: Loujon Press, Winter 1968-69
“For the Pigs, Rats & Adorable other Beasts of Saintly Cleveland, O.”

98. PRO-JECT, No. 1, edited by Robert Serling and David Fraser
mags_project1Detroit: Pro-Ject, Winter-Spring 1969
“To D——“

99. QUIXOTE, Vol. 4, No. 5, edited by Morris Edelson
mags_quixotev4n5Madison: Quixote Press, 1969
“For George”, “Letter from an Invisible Greek”

100. QUIXOTE, Vol. 4, No. 6, edited by Morris Edelson
Madison: Quixote Press, January-March 1969
“The Madison Poems”, “Suburban Monastery Death Poem”, “7 Concrete Poems / Concrete Poems / Electric Greek Poems (For Bob Gabriner)”

101. QUIXOTE, Vol. 5, No. 4, edited by Morris Edelson
mags_quixotev5n4Madison: Quixote Press, 1969
two levy letters.

102. RADICAL AMERICA, Vol. 3, No. 4, edited by Paul Buhle and Dale Tomich
mags_radamv3n4Madison: Students for a Democratic Society, July – August 1969
“R. E. Vivion #8 / part II – for Art Kleps”

103. RUNCIBLE FOLD, No. 3, edited by D.r. Wagner
Sacramento: Runcible Spoon, n.d. [c.1969]
“Education of a Food Fadist”

104. SATTVAS REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Franklin W.W. Osinski
mags_sattvas1Cleveland: Sattvas Press, Fall 1969
“from Prose: On Poetry in the Wholesale Education And Culture System”

105. SECOND AEON, No. 7, edited by Peter Finch
mags_secondaeon7Cardiff: Second Aeon, 1969
“Part Zero – Celebration with Rada Drums (from Suburban Monastery Death Poem)”

106. LARVAE DU GOLDEN GATE, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by Leon Spiro
mags_starwestSausalito: SB Gazette, n.d. [c. 1969]
“Blind Myth Doing a Death Dance on Ground Zero (for Willie)” [Reprinted from The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle Vol. 2, No. 2, Issue 14 (Cleveland, 1968) (T&H P-164).]

Howrah: Waste Paper, September 1969
“Thinking of Rimbaud (for Thom Szuter)”


108. DAVKA, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Aron Manheimer
mags_davkaLos Angeles: Davka, November – December 1970
“New Year”

109. FOURTH DIMENSION, No. 7, edited by P.J. Kemp
mags_4thdimensionRichford: Samisdat, n.d.[c. 1976]
“Tell Me About Yr Level of Consciousness”

Fairfax, CA: Red Hill Press, April 1973
[untitled] “Now, that’s why there are more poets…”

New Orleans: NOLA Express, June 9-22 1972
“North American Book of the Dead, Part I”

112. PHOENIX, No. 3/4, edited by Leopold Reif
Berlin: Phoenix, 1970
“Part Zero – Celebration with Rada Drums (from Suburban Monastery Death Poem)”

113. QUIXOTE, Vol. 7, No. 5, edited by Morris Edelson
Madison: Quixote Press, 1973
“I Found It at the Movies (or) Hummed-Off in a Laundro-Mat (for Franklin Rosemont)”, “Its a Matter of Presentation”

114. QUIXOTE, Vol. 7, No. 69, edited by Morris Edelson
mags_quixotev7n69Madison: Quixote Press, April 1973
“More Fun… with Your Guns” [collage]

[note cover has Vol.7, No. 96, but masthead reads Vol.7, No.93]

115. QUIXOTE, Vol. 8, No. 3, edited by Morris Edelson
mags_quixotev8n3Madison: Quixote Press, 1974
“Night People”, “The Result is Always Circular, 2”, “Motion Poem”

116. RESPONSE, No. 8, edited by Bill Novak
Waltham: Response, Fall 1970
“New Year”

117. RESPONSE, No. 10, edited by Bill Novak
Waltham: Response, Spring 1971
“Poem to Michael Solomon”

118. THE SERIF, Vol. 8, No. 4, edited by Alex Glidzen and Dean H. Keller
Kent: Kent State University, December 1971
“The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”

Note: contains Jim Lowell’s A Preliminary Checklist of the Writings of d.a. levy (1942-1968)

119. STONE COUNTRY, Vol. 74, No. 1, edited by Judy Neeld
Madison: Stone Country Press, 1974
“Shell Stop”

120. VAGABOND, No. 10, edited by John Bennett
mags_vagabond10San Francisco: Vagabond Press, 1971
“Third Quarter”

121. THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES: REVOLUTIONARY POEMS , CONSUMPTION, Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2, edited by Paul Hunter, Patti Parson, and Tom Parson
mags_whiteseyesSeattle: Craft Associates, March 1970
“The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”, “Bourgeoisie Chant”


122. BOMBAY GIN, Vol. 2, No. 2
mags_bombayginv2n2Boulder: Naropa Institute, Summer 1992
“This Game is Under Way!”

Cleveland Heights: The Coventry Reader, Summer 1988
“Tombstone as a Lonely Charm”

Cleveland Heights: The Coventry Reader, October 1988
“Prose: On Poetry in the Wholesale Education & Culture System”, “The River”, “Road, Road Go Away”, “Lady A-Bourgeoisie Chant”, “Lines for Lady Jane”, “Great Man Sleeping in a Closet”, “The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies”, “Maralien #1”, “Roses That”, “The New Ethnic Folk Poem for the Beat Generation in Cleveland”, “Songs for Dead Children”, “One Death in the Life of Julie, Concrete Poems: Electric Music”, “2 Censorship Poems”, “Impose it on Yourself”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #3”, “Visualized Prayer to the American God #4”, “Sun Poem”, “Idol of Death”, “Original Light Rock”, “Film Village”

125. MINESHAFT, Number 12
Lewisburg: Mineshaft, October 2003
“She’ll Fight to the End for Dick (from The Madison Collages)”

126. PLANET DETROIT, Vol. 1 No. 1, edited by Kurt Nimmo
mags_planetdetroitDetroit: Planet Detroit, 1984
“Lettre to Cleveland (from Kibbutz in the Sky)”

127. THE TULE REVIEW, Summer 1995, edited by Julia Connor and Mary Zeppa
mags_tulereviewSacramento: The Sacramento Poetry Center, Summer 1995
“Night People”, “Mausoleums of the Ta Tsing Dynasty”, “Black Pony”, “When the Light Went On”, “Ode to David Hume”, “2 Censorship Poems”, “The Meat Rose”, “Sun Poem”, “Guatemala Tourist Commission”, “Logic 21”, “Interior Travel”, “Visualized Prayer To The American God #3”, “Visualized Prayer To The American God #4”

Note: cover art by d.a. levy

128. UNMUZZLED OX, edited by Michael Andre and Erika Rothenberg
mags_unmuzzledoxNew York: Unmuzzled Ox Foundation, 1981
“Maralien 1”, “Maralien 2”, “Maralien 3”