Frank Stanford

A. Books

1. The Singing Knives
singingknivesSeattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1971
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers ,56 pages. Poet’s first book. Frank Stanford poetry: The Blood Brothers · The Singing Knives · Living · The Pump · The Gospel Bird · The Albino · Elegy for My Father · Tapsticks · The Bass · The Minnow · The Picture Show Next Door to The Stamp Store in Downtown Memphis · Poem · Transcendence of Janus · Strappado · If I Should Wake · Wishing My Wife Had One Leg · Narcissus to Achilles · Planning the Disappearance of Those Who Have Gone · The Intruder after Jean Follain · The Quiver · Becoming the Unicorn · Belladonna · The Snake Doctors.

2. Ladies From Hell
Seattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1974
First edition. Frank Stanford Poetry:Brothers On Sunday Night · Hidden Water · Linger · If She Lives In the Hills · Women Singing When Their Husbands Are Gone · Sudden Opera · Do Tell · Suspect · Dante Gabrielle Rossetti With His Head on the Virginal · Blue Yodel of the Wayfaring Stranger · Twilight · Death In The Cool Evening · Place On A Grave · Getting To Sleep · The Paramour · Farewell · Where We Slept Together · Pasture Dream.

3. Field Talk
Seattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1975
First edition, perfect bound in printed wrappers, 32 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: Plowboy · Lullaby to a Child Who They Say Will Not Live Through The Night · Milksnake · The Long Staircase · The River is Some Time to Kill Without Warning · Sanctuary · The Prows · Wrote Down Burns · The Chinese Noseguards for The Entrance to The Mouth · The Face of Love · Spell · Nautilus · A Life Taken in The Throat of The Tree Frog · Partner · I Would Have a Woman as Real as Death · On · Blue Yodel Silence You Are · When It’s After Dark · Cutting Fishing Poles for The Dead · Fire Left by Travellers.

Note: The Poems in this selection were originally a part of the following manuscripts: Field Talk: 1957-1972, Blue Yodels.

4. Shade
Seattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1975
First edition, perfect bound in printed wrappers, 50 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: Soybeans · The Last Dance · In Plain View · The Unbelievable Nightgown · Liason · My Home · The Cloud · The Conflict · Wonder Bread · Swirl of Dust in The Cottonfields · Dawn · Black Swan · A Man Born in The Forest · Born There · Gray · All in My Good Time · Leer · Drunk Song in May · Honeymoon · The Silence The Thicket The Sniffing · Fair Trial · The Hearse on The Other Side of The Canvas · Night Time · Wedding · Humming This Song · Tryst · Field Hands on Plantation Night · Slow Rag of The Yearbook · Living with Death · Called.

Note: These poems were written during the time: 1964-1968, and were originally part of the following manuscripts: Hard Figuring, So Long For This World, Blue Yodels, Touched Stones, Taking My Shade.

5. Arkansas Bench Stone
Seattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1975
First edition, perfect bound in printed wrappers, 32 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: The Visitors of Night · Monk’s Dog · Mouths Full of Spit · Their Names are Spoken · Lap · Tale · Island · Lament of the Land Surveyor · Blue Yodel · Blue Yodel of the Quick and the Dead · Will · Shed · Village with Dark Sun · Inventory · Land of the Downstream People · Soaking Wet.

Note: Arkansas Bench Stone is a Legend For John S. Morris.

6. Constant Stranger
Seattle: Mill Mountain Press, 1976
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers, 48 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: Death and the Arkansas River · Directions from a Madman · The First Twenty-Five Years of My Life · The Boathouse · Blue Yodel of the Desperado · In These Rooms · Eyelids Noticed Only in the Seventh Minute of Twilight · No Signs of Life: A Tragic Gag of Raymond Radiguet · The Forgotten Madmen of Menilmontant · At the Moment of Death · A Black Cat Crossed the Road I Was Born On · Time Forks Perpetually Towards Innumerable Futures In One Of Them I Am Your Enemy.

Note: The title of the last poem in this book comes from a line by Borges.

7. The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You
Fayetteville: Lost Roads/Mill Mountain Press, 1977
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers, 542 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You.


8. Crib Death
Kensington: Ironwood Press, 1978
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers , 55 pages. Frank Stanford poetry: Amaranth · A Woman Driving a Stake into the Ground at Midnight ·Taking Your Life · Strange Roads Before Light · Lost Recipe · The Angel of Death · Knew it was Love, Felt is was Glory, The Home Movie of Those Who Are Dead Now: In This House · The Boy Who Shot Weathercocks · More Biscuits · A Milk Truck Running into a Crazy Maid · Island Funeral· The Movie of Those Who Are Dead Now · Why the Moon is in the Outhouse · Blue Yodel a Prairie· Memory is Like a Shotgun Kicking You Near the Heart · The Dead Man’s Fiddle, Death & The Arkansas River: Between Love and Death · Dreams of a River I Waded with Others · Would You Like to Lie Down with the Light On and Cry · Blue Yodel of the Lost Child · The Lunatic · Death and the Arkansas River, The Light the Dead See: Fire Left By Travellers · A Beautiful Woman Came Down to the Sawmill · The Neighbor’s Wife · Terrorism · Only One Set in the Singer’s Eyes · Living the Good Life · The Light the Dead See.

9. You
Fayetteville: Lost Roads Publishing Company, 1979
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers, 49 pages. Published as Lost Roads Number 15. Frank Stanford poetry: Handling Paper with Cold Hands · Jonquils · Spirits · Postcard to Lucia · Epiphanies · Boots · Braids · Parole · Freedom, Revolt, and Love · The History of John Stoss.

10. The Singing Knives
Fayetteville: Lost Roads Publishing Company, 1979
Second edition, 56 pages. Published as Lost Roads Number 18. Contains two poems not included in the first edition.

11. Conditions Uncertain and Likely to Pass Away: Tales
Lost Roads Publishers, 1990
First edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers, 151 pages. Published as Lost Roads Number 37.

12. The Light the Dead See: Selected Poems of Frank Stanford
Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1991
First edition, hardcover with dust jacket, 111 pages.

13. The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You
Barrington : Lost Roads Publishers, 2000
Second edition, perfect bound in illustrated wrappers, 383 pages. New preface by C.D. Wright.

B. Contributions to books and other publications

Fifty Contemporary Poets: The Creative Process. Edited by Alberta Turner (NY, U.S.A.: Longman Publishing Group, 1977)

Big Easy. Edited by Ralph Adamo. (New Orleans, LA: Arts Council of Greater New Orleans, 1978) Perfect-bound. Frank Stanford poetry: Drunk Song in May [collected in Shade].

Ozark, Ozark: A Hillside Reader. Edited by Miller Williams (University of Missouri Press, 1984)

The Made Thing: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern Poetry. Edited by Leon Stokesbury (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1987) Frank Stanford poetry: The Intruder [collected in The Singing Knives] · Inventory [collected in Arkansas Bench Stone] · Place on a Grave [collected in Ladies from Hell] · Allegory of Death and Night [uncollected] · Island Funeral [collected in Crib Death].

The Writer’s Mind: Interviews with American Authors, Volume II. Edited by Irv Broughton. (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1990)

The Lost Roads Project: A Walk-In Book of Arkansas. Edited and with an introduction by C.D. Wright (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 1994) Frank Stanford poetry: What About This [uncollected].

C. Contributions to periodicals

Aldebaran Review, 11 (1971) Poetry: On Jesus Highway [uncollected]

American Poetry Review, Vol. 4, No. 2 (1975)

American Poetry Review, Vol. 8, No. 2 (1979)

The Ark River Review, Vol. 3, No. 1 (1974) Poetry: In Plain View [collected in Shade] · Pasture Dream [collected in Ladies from Hell].

Ask The Poet.

Barataria, 3 (1977) Poetry: Dreamt By a Man In a Field [uncollected] · Between Love And Death [collected in Crib Death] · You · Would You Like To Lie Down With The Light On And Cry [collected in Crib Death] · Allegory of Youth [uncollected] .

Barataria, 4 (1977)

Boston After Dark.

Boston Phoenix.

The Chicago Review, Volume 23, Number 1 (1971) Poetry: Fish on the Trees (elegy) [uncollected] · The Albino [collected in The Singing Knives] · Remembering the Odor in the Jewish Dentist’s House Next Door, I Recall the Picture Show next door to the Stamp Store in Downtown Memphis [uncollected].

The Circular Ruins [Scotland]

Conjunctions: 29 (1997)

Dacota Territory, 8/9 (1975) Poetry: Suspect [collected in Ladies from Hell] · Soybeans [collected in Shade].

De Quincey [England]

Edge [Christchurch , New Zealand]

Field, 10 (1974) Poetry: Brothers on Sunday Night [collected in Ladies from Hell] · Linger [collected in Ladies from Hell] .

Field, 11 (1974) Poetry: The Dead Man’s Fiddle [collected in Crib Death]· The Home Movie of Those Who are Dead Now [collected in Crib Death].

Field, 12 (1974) Poetry: Blue Yodel of Her Feet · Allegory of Death and Night [uncollected]· Children at the Point of Death [uncollected] · Knew it was Love, Felt it was Glory (after Pier Paolo Pasolini) [collected in Crib Death].

Ghost Ship [Ireland]

Hollins Critic, Volume IX, Number 1 (1972) Poetry: Chimera [uncollected].

The Hunchback in the Park [Wales]

The Iowa Review, Vol. 3, No. 3 (1972)

The Iowa Review, Volume 5, Number 2 (1974) Poetry: Rooms [collected in Constant Stanger] · Hidden Water [collected in Ladies from Hell].

The Iowa Review, Vol. 5, No. 4 (1974)

Ironwood, 4, edited by Michael Cuddihy (1974)

Ironwood, 6, edited by Michael Cuddihy (1975) Poetry: The Burial Ship [uncollected] · The Wolves [uncollected].

Ironwood, 9edited by Michael Cuddihy (1977) Poetry: Taking Your Life [collected in Crib Death] · Amaranth [collected in Crib Death].

Ironwood, 12, Volume 6, Number 2 (1978) Poetry: The Light The Dead See [collected in Crib Death] · In This House [collected in Crib Death] · A Milk Truck Running Into A Crazy Maid At The Corner Of Getwell And Park [collected in Crib Death] · The Boy Who Shot Weathercocks [collected in Crib Death].

Ironwood, 23 (1984)

Kayak, 26 (1971) Poetry: Wishing My Wife Had One Leg [collected in The Singing Knives].

La Bell Et La Bete [France]

La Notte [Italy]

The Little Review.

The Massachusetts Review, Volume XIII, Number 4 (1972) Poetry: Tapsticks [collected in The Singing Knives].

The Mill Mountain Review, Volume 1, Number 2 (1970) Poetry: The Professors [uncollected] · The Solitude of Historical Analysis [uncollected] · The Politicians [uncollected] · Holy Night [uncollected] · Living [collected in The Singing Knives].

The Mill Mountain Review, Volume 1, Number 4 (1971) Poetry: Planning the Disappearance of Those Who Have Gone[collected in The Singing Knives] · The Bandits [uncollected] · Bergman the Burning Ship [uncollected] · Bend Sinister [uncollected] · The Mother of Yannis Ritsos [uncollected] · The Men [uncollected].

The Nation, Vol. 213, No. 10 (1971)

New American Review, 11 (1971) Poetry: The Gospel Bird [collected in The Singing Knives].

The New York Quarterly, 15, edited by William Packard (1973) Poetry: Death in the Cool Evening [collected in Ladies from Hell].

Out There, 10 (1976) Poetry: Only One Set in The Singer’s Eyes [collected in Crib Death] · Why The Moon Is The Outhouse [collected in Crib Death] · Porch Chair [uncollected].

Open Places (Columbia, MO: Stephens College).

The Partisan Review.

Poetry: Australia, 43 (1972) Translation from the Spanish: Twilight by César Vallejo [collected in Ladies from Hell].

Poetry: Australia, 51 (1974) Translation from the Spanish: Message by Lorca Sent to Me in an Infant’s Casket by Nicanor Parra [uncollected].

Poetry Now, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1975)

The Portable Plateau, Volume 1 Number 1 (1997)

Prairie Schooner, Volume 48, Issue 3 (1974) Poetry: Sudden Opera [collected in Ladies from Hell].

Raccoon: Tenth Anniversary Issue (1987) Short story: Untitled.

Road Apple Review [Albuquerque]

Seems [DeKalb]

Stinktree [Memphis]

Tansy, 1 (1970) Poetry: Early Times In A Mississippi Liquor Store [uncollected] · The Hole [uncollected].

Tansy, 4 (1970) Poetry: Tapsticks [collected in The Singing Knives] · Chimera [uncollected].


West Coast Review, Volume 6, Number 2 (1971) Poetry: The Intruder [collected in The Singing Knives] · The Quiver [collected in The Singing Knives] · Friends of the House of Momus [uncollected] · Momus [uncollected] · White Feather [uncollected] · Poet Manque [uncollected] · Becoming the Unicorn [collected in The Singing Knives] · The Tribade [uncollected] · The Arena [uncollected] · The Odor [uncollected] · Solus [uncollected] · Holy Night [uncollected] · The Bandits [uncollected] · The Smoking Mirrors [uncollected] · Bergman the Burning Ship [uncollected].

D. Biographical

Ironwood 17 (Tucson: Ironwood Press, 1981) From “A Note on The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You, A Poem by Frank Stanford,” 159-160.

A Raccoon Monograph (Memphis: Raccoon Books, April 1981) This booklet has 3 articles about Frank Stanford: 1. Toward Innumerable Futures: The Offering of Frank Stanford’s Poetry by Pamela Stewart, 2. A Preliminary Bibliography of Frank Stanford by C. D. Wright, 3. The Wharf for Frank Stanford, 1948-1978 by Floyd Collins.

E. Film

“It Wasn’t A Dream It Was A Flood”, 1974