The San Francisco Capitalist Bloodsucker-N

Published during the so-called “magazine wars” of the early 1960s, George Stanley’s THE SAN FRANCISCO CAPITALIST BLOODSUCKER-N lasted just one issue. Stan Persky, Lew Ellingham, and Gail Chugg edited M, gathering contributions from a box at  Gino & Carlo’s Bar in San Francisco’s North Beach. Richard Duerden was editing FOOT; with Ron Loewinsohn he was also editing THE RIVOLI REVIEW, produced in Duerden’s apartment on Rivoli Street in the Haight-Ashbury district. Loewinsohn and Richard Brautigan soon produced another magazine, CHANGE.

As Ron Loewinsohn recalled, “Everybody seemed to have access to a mimeograph machine. You could then put out your own magazine. This was marvelous: it meant instant publication, instant reaction from people.”

It wasn’t until 1964, that Stan Persksy’s OPEN SPACE took up the publishing necessary to the Jack Spicer circle and its friends…

mags_capitalistSan Francisco: n.p., 1962
First edition, corner stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 19 pages, mimeograph. Cover art by Fran Herndon (?)

Contributors: Albert J. Rutaro, Richard Duerden, Robin Blaser, Larry Fagin, Ron Loewinsohn, Tony Sherrod, Maxwell Bodenheim, John Allen Ryan, James Keilty, Bob Wrobel, George Stanley, Robert Reinstein, Fran Herndon, Jack Spicer.