The San Francisco Capitalist Bloodsucker-N

Published during the so-called “magazine wars” of the early 1960s, George Stanley’s The San Francisco Capitalist Bloodsucker-N lasted just one issue. Stan Persky, Lew Ellingham, and Gail Chugg edited M, gathering contributions from a box at  Gino & Carlo’s Bar in San Francisco’s North Beach. Richard Duerden was editing Foot; with Ron Loewinsohn he was also editing The Rivoli Review, produced in Duerden’s apartment on Rivoli Street in the Haight-Ashbury district. Loewinsohn and Richard Brautigan soon produced another magazine, Change.

As Ron Loewinsohn recalled, “Everybody seemed to have access to a mimeograph machine. You could then put out your own magazine. This was marvelous: it meant instant publication, instant reaction from people.”

It wasn’t until 1964, that Stan Persky’s Open Space took up the publishing necessary to the Jack Spicer circle and its friends…

San Francisco: Capitalist Bloodsucker-N, 1962
First edition, corner stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 19 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by Fran Herndon.

“The San Francisco Capitalist Blooksucker-N, an amalgam of the San Francisco Capitalist-Bloodsucker, a journal of Marxist opinion, and N — the magazine of the future…”

  • Contents:
    1. Albert J. Rutaro – “Mr. President!”
      Richard Duerden – “Mr. Boswell & Dr. Johnson”
      Robin Blaser – “The Private I”
      Larry Fagin – “New York”
      Larry Fagin – “Rooms”
      Kenneth Rexroth – “The Poetry Festival”
      Ron Loewinsohn – [untitled] “The presses tonight…”
      Tony Sherrod – “nobody there – but the afternoon”
      Maxwell Bodenheim – “End and Beginning”
      John Allen Ryan – “The Time of the Snow Flower”
      James Keilty – “Stürmische Promenade”
      Bob Wrobel – “Puny”
      George Stanley – “Terrorism”
      Robert Reinstein – “Robert Reinstein”
      Fran Herndon – untitled illustration
      Jack Spicer – “Three Marxist Essays”