ARK II, MOBY I, is the successor to THE ARK, a collection of verse, drawings, and articles published in San Francisco in 1947. This was probably the first coherent expression of a new aesthetic and social freedom, which as the years have gone by is now seen to be the characteristic approach of the post war II generation.

—from the introduction to ARK II, MOBY I

1. THE ARK, edited by Philp Lamantia, Robert Stock, and Sanders Russell
San Francisco: The Ark, Spring 1947
First edition, side-stapled and bound into illustrated wrappers, 5.5″ x 9.75″, 72 pages, letterpress printed, artwork by Ronald Bladen.

“The Ark is printed by voluntary labor on a small press belonging to the magazine. The editorial board is open to all interested in active work on the Ark, the future of which depends on continued and new interest in what we are doing.”

  • Contents:
    1. Kenneth Patchen – “excerpt from Sleepers Awake”
      Alison Boodson – “Three Poems”
      Kenneth Rexroth – “Advent 1946”
      James Laughlin IV – “Now Love Speaks”
      Richard Eberhart – “At the End of War”
      George Woodcock – “What is Anarchism?”
      Robert Duncan – “Four Poems”
      Paul Goodman – “The ‘Horace’ of Corneille”
      William Everson – “If I Hide My Hand”
      E. E. Cummings – “Four Poems”
      Ammon A. Hennacy – “Christian Anarchism”
      Sanders Russell – “Six Poems”
      Philip Lamantia – “Another Autumn Coming”
      Robert Stock – “Poem on Holy Saturday”
      Christopher Rambo – “Peace To the Doomed Idol”
      William Carlos Williams – “Inquest”
      Sanders Russell – “E. E. Cummings and the Idea of Actuality”
      Robert Duncan – “Reviewing View, an Attack”
      Thomas Parkinson – “September Elegy”
      Richard Moore – “A Mediation”

2. ARK II, MOBY I, edited by Michael McClure and James Harmon
San Francisco: Ark/Moby, 1956-1957
First edition, saddle-stapled in printed wrappers, 6″ x 9″, 46 pages including advertisements for The Pocket Poets Series, Jargon, and Black Mountain Review, 1000 copies, letterpress printed at the Press of Villiers Publications, artwork by Ronald Bladen.

“This new gathering has concentrated on poetry and drawings because we feel that the social message has long since been taken for granted by those likely to be interested.”

  • Contents:
    1. Denise Levertov – “Central Park, Winter, After Sunset”
      Denise Levertov – “A Song”
      Denise Levertov – “The Springtime”
      Denise Levertov – “The Third Dimension”
      Denise Levertov – “Laying the Dust”
      Michael McClure – “Canoe: Explication”
      Michael McClure – “Logos: Knout”
      Louis Zukofsky – “Michtam”
      Louis Zukofsky – “George Washington”
      Kenneth Rexroth – “140 Syllables”
      Sanders Russell – “Two Poems”
      Robert Duncan – “The Law I Love is Major Mover”
      Charles Olson – “As the Dead Prey Upon Us”
      Jack Kerouac – “230th Chorus from Mexico City Blues
      Allen Ginsberg – “The Trembling of the Veil”
      Gary Snyder – “Groves, 12 from Myths & Texts”
      Jonathan Williams – “The Switch Blade (or, John’s Other Wife)”
      Jonathan Williams – “Catullus: Carmen XVI”
      Jonathan Williams – “Greque Musique d’Ameublement”
      Stuart Perkoff – “The Recluses”
      Robert Creeley – “Ballad of the Despairing Husband”
      Edward Dorn – “The Revival”
      Edward Dorn – “Lines from a Sitting Position”
      Edward Dorn – “The Common Site”
      Kenneth Patchen – “Another Hamlet is Heard From”
      Kenneth Patchen – “The Most Hen”
      Paul Cox – “Reclame”
      Jess Collins and Christian Morgenstern – “Gallowbrother’s Song to Sophie; The Hangman’s Maiden”
      Jess Collins and Christian Morgenstern – “Moonmatters”
      Jess Collins and Christian Morgenstern – “Goat and Stalker”
      Jess Collins and Christian Morgenstern – “How the Gallowschild Remembers the Names of the Months”
      Philip Whalen – “Martyrdom of Two Pagans”
      Lawrence Ferlinghetti – [untitled] “Constantly risking absurdity…”
      Richard Eberhart – “Clocks”
      Richard Eberhart – “Snow”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Four Poems and Notes”
      James Harmon – “Silver Fox Island”
      James Harmon – “Hawk Inlet”
      James Harmon – “The Wind on Market Street”
      James Harmon – “For H. H.”
      Gael Turnbull – “A Self-Portrait”
      Gael Turnbull – “Why Don’t You Answer?”

3. ARK III,  edited by James Harmon
San Francisco: Ark, Winter 1957
First edition, saddle-stapled in printed wrappers, 6″ x 9″, 48 pages including advertisements for New Directions and City Lights Books, 500 copies, letterpress printed at the Press of Villiers Publications.

  • Contents:
    1. Louis Zukofsky – “Barely and Widely”
      Thomas Parkinson – “Two Vineyards”
      Kenneth Rexroth – [untitled] “I am fifty-two years old…”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Greeting, Sweets, The Dog”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Art Blakey”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Love Song”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Night”
      Clive Hawthorne – “Poem”
      Donald Fall – “Caprice”
      Donald Fall – “Eddy Street, San Francisco, 10.30 A.M.”
      Donald Fall – “To H. L.”
      Donald Fall – “A Respectful Statement on Sex in Unsettled Times”
      Donald Fall – “Postcard”
      Donald Fall – “Abstract Celebration”
      Harry Roskolenko – “Images of Disorder”
      Harry Roskolenko – “My Father’s Profession”
      Harry Roskolenko – “The Streets of Home”
      Harry Roskolenko – “Charlie”
      Bruce Boyd – “Nocturne for the West”
      Stuart Z. Perkoff – “Utter Fascinations”
      Nicole Sanzenbach – “Consider Children in the Street”
      Nicole Sanzenbach – “To Allen”
      Philip Whalen – “A Dim View of Berkeley in the Spring”
      Gary Snyder – “What I Think about When I Meditate”
      Allen Ginsberg – “An Atypical Affair”
      Allen Ginsberg – “A Typical Affair”
      Allen Ginsberg – “How Come He Got Canned at the Ribbon Factory”
      Jack Kerouac – “San Francisco Blues (two excerpts)”
      William J.  Margolis – “Use Your Imagination (no one else does)”
      Lawrence Ferlinghetti – “Frame This Picture”
      Philip Wallick – “My Apartment is a Pastoral Apartment”
      Christopher Maclaine – “Three”
      David Cornel DeJong – “Hour of Damnation”
      David Cornel DeJong – “White Collar Class”
      Gil Orlovitz – “The Beggar”
      Mitchell Lifton – “Song”
      David Galler – “Thoughts in the Ward”
      Guy Wernham – “Nature Loves to Hide Herself”
      Guy Wernham – “L’Homme Arraignee”
      Carl Larsen – “The Work of Hands”
      Richard Eberhart – “Hockey”
      Richard Eberhart – “Dogs”
      Laura Uronivitz – “How St. George Met The Dragon”
      Jack Gilbert – “Who Cried Love”
      Idell Tarlow Romero – “Message on a Tree Trunk”
      Idell Tarlow Romero – “Written on a Curbstone”
      Cid Corman – “Agamemnon”
      Gael Turnbull – “October”
      Gael Turnbull – “The War”
      Lawrence Lipton – “End of The Nile”