Charles Bukowski: Contributions to Books and Anthologies

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This index includes contributions to books and anthologies featuring poems and stories from  the 1960’s: from Bukowski’s first book appearance to roughly the time that his work started being published in collected volumes by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press; the period of time covered by Sanford Dorbin’s Bibliography.

1. TODAY THE STARS, edited by Lilith Lorraine
mags_todayAlpine: Different Press, 1960
“All I Know” [poem]
(Dorbin C78)

2. THE LIGHT YEAR, edited by Miles Payne
San Diego: Light Year Press, Autumn 1961
“Side Of The Sun”
(Dorbin C108)

3. BORESTONE MOUNTAIN POETRY AWARDS, No. 16, edited by Lionel Stevenson
Palo Alto: Pacific Books, 1964
“The House” [poem], “The Singular Self” [poem]
[see Dorbin C189, C194]

4. BORESTONE MOUNTAIN POETRY AWARDS, edited by Lionel Stevenson
Palo Alto: Pacific Books, 1965

5. AMPERSAND, edited by Richard Wolter & T. L. Kryss
mags_ampersandSan Francisco: Ampersand, March 1969
“Confessions Of A Misanthrope”
(Dorbin C416)

6. ACID, edited by R. D. Brinkmann
Darmstadt, Marz Verlag, Summer 1969
“At The End Of Feet The Blackbird Walks”, “Lillies In My Brain”
(Dorbin C435-C436)

7. PANAMA GOLD, edited by T.L. Kryss
mags_panamagoldSan Francisco: Zero Publications, July 1969
“The Hollywood Swimming Pool Life”
(not in Dorbin)

buk_peaceSan Francisco: Nevada/Tattoo Press, 1969
“The Nature of the Threat and What to Do”
(Krumhansl 33)