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This index includes book and periodical appearances of letters, commentary, introductions, reviews, etc. in  the 1960’s: from Bukowski’s first book appearance to roughly the time that his work started being published in collected volumes by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press; the period of time covered by Sanford Dorbin’s Bibliography.

1. NOMAD, No. 5/6, edited by Donald Factor and Anthony Linick
mags_nomad056Culver City, Winter-Spring I960
Bukowski contribution: “Manifesto: A Call For Our Own Critics” [commentary]
(Dorbin D11)

2. THE OUTSIDER, No. 1, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
mags_outsider01New Orleans: Loujon Press, Fall 1961
Bukowski contribution: “Contributor’s Note” [commentary]
(Dorbin D17)

101. BLACK CAT REVIEW, No. 2, edited by Neeli Cherry
mags_blackcat01San Bernardino: The Cherry Press, March 1963
Bukowski contribution: “Yes, Cherry…” [letter], “Dear Neeli…” [letter]
(not in Dorbin)

119. RENAISSANCE, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by John Bryan
San Francisco: Renaissance Publications, Winter, 1962
Bukowski contribution: “Peace, Baby, Is Hard Sell” [letter]
(Dorbin D18)

3. LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 2, No. 4, edited by Jay Robert Nash *
Chi­cago: Literary Times, March 1963
Bukowski contribution: “Charles Bukowski Speaks Out” [interview] (Dorbin D19)

4. THE OUTSIDER, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
New Orleans: Loujon Press, Spring 1963
Bukowski contribution: “Dear Jon & Gypsy…”[letter], [letter], [letter] “Letters to The Editors from: Charles Bukowski”
(Dorbin D20-22)

5. MAINSTREAM, Vol. 16, No. 6, edited by R.R. Cuscaden
mags_mainstream1606New York City, June 1963
Bukowski contribution: “Little Magazines In America” [commentary]
(Dorbin D23)

6. LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 3, No. 4, edited by Jay Robert Nash *
Chi­cago: Literary Times, May 1964
Bukowski contribution: “Examining My Peers” [commentary]
(Dorbin D24)

7. LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 4, No. 2, edited by Jay Robert Nash *
Chi­cago: Literary Times, December 1964
Bukowski contribution: “Here’s What I Say” [interview]
(Dorbin D25)

7. MR. CLEAN AND OTHER POEMS by John William Corrington *
San Francisco: Amber House Press, 1964
Bukowski contribution: “Introduction”
(Dorbin D28)

8. FERMENT, No. 6, edited by Zoe Climenhaga *
Canton: Transient Press, June 1965
Bukowski contribution: “Lightning in a Dry Summer” [review of Corrington’s ANATOMY OF LOVE…]
(Dorbin D30)

9. KAURI, No. 10, edited by Will Inman
New York: n.p., September-October 1965
Bukowski contribution: “L.A. sept. 1965 hello Will Inman:…” [letter]
(Dorbin D31)

10. INTERMISSION, Vol. 1, No. 20, edited by Gene Cole *
Chicago: Hull House Theatre, October 1965
Bukowski contribution: “Dear Mr. Cole” [letter]
(Dorbin D32)

11. MY FACE IN WAX by Jory Sherman *
Chicago: Windfall Press, 1965
Bukowski contribution: “Introduction”
(Dorbin D33)

12. STEPPENWOLF, No. 1, edited by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer *
Winter 1965-66
Bukowski contribution: “Another Burial of a Once-Talent” [review of Corrington]
(Dorbin D34)

13. EARTH, No. 2, edited by Steve Richmond *
Santa Monica: Earth Books, 1966
Bukowski contribution: “In Defense of Poetry, a Certain Type of Life, a Certain Type of Blood-Filled Creature Who Will Someday Die” [commentary]
(Dorbin D35)

14. EL CORNO EMPLUMADO, No. 17, edited by Margaret Randall *
Mexico City: El Corno Emplumado, January 1966
Bukowski contribution: “Have been meaning to write…” [letter]
(Dorbin D36)

15. INTREPID, No. 8, edited by Allen de Loach *
Buffalo: Intrepid Press, June 1967
Bukowski contribution: “Letter from Charles Bukowski” [letter]
(Dorbin D55)

[* not in archive]