1. ELEPHANT, No. 1, edited by John Perreault
New York City: John Perreault, Summer 1965
First edition, saddle stapled in illustrated wrappers, 7” x 8.5”, 72 pages, mimeograph printed.

  • Contents:
    1. Kathleen Fraser – “Trench Coat”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Little Poem for Frank”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Talking”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Medium-Size Poem for Joe”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Telegram”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Francine”
      Kathleen Fraser – “The Reason for Violence”
      Joseph Ceravolo – “Habitations”
      Robert Newman – “In Killyville U.S.A.”
      Robert Newman – “Snowdown”
      Ted Berrigan – “Homage to Charles Olson”
      Ted Berrigan – “On the Level of Everyday”
      John Perreault – “Shoe”
      James Brodey – “Conclusion”
      James Brodey – “4 to Kevin’s Joe”
      James Brodey – “10/23/63”
      James Brodey – “Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto, No. 3 in D Major”
      James Brodey – “Energy”
      James Brodey – “The Mindbenders”
      John Perreault – “Readymade: Flag”
      Gerard Malanga – “The Pleasure Seekers”
      Gerard Malanga – “Harakiri”
      Andy Warhol – “The Model that Models for Buick ‘65 Buick”
      Aram Saroyan – [untitled] “A cup of coffee…”
      Aram Saroyan – “French Poets”
      Aram Saroyan – [untitled] “Today, May 6th 1965…”
      Rosemary Ceravolo – “My Mother”
      Rosemary Ceravolo – “Poem” (“Do you love me…”)
      Rosemary Ceravolo – “America”
      Michael Benedikt – “Bonfire of Kings”
      Sotere Torregian – “Poem” (Against the world’s snarl…”)
      Sotere Torregian – “The Letters”
      Sotere Torregian – “Branch Brook Park 10/43”
      Sotere Torregian – “April”
      Sotere Torregian – [untitled] “Poetry should be written…”
      Erik Kiviat – “Waysong”
      John Perreault – “Readymade: The Meaning of Existence”

2. ELEPHANT, No. 2, edited by John Perreault
New York City: John Perreault, Winter 1965
First edition, side-stapled with illustrated cover, 8.5” x 11”, 62 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by John Perreault.

  • Contents:
    1. Allan Kaplan – “I Have a French Mind”
      Allan Kaplan – “The Highriser”
      Allan Kaplan – “Long Island”
      Allan Kaplan – “Poem” (“How many hours…”)
      Allan Kaplan – “My Wife’s House”
      Aram Saroyan – “Placid Teas”
      Aram Saroyan – [untitled] “Walking I am reading…”
      Jack Anderson – “The Hurricane Lamp”
      Jack Anderson – “Giovanni in Summer”
      Jack Anderson – “On the Road to the Eye Hospital”
      James Brodey – “Ordinary”
      James Brodey – “2/11/64”
      James Brodey – “One Poem from The Undice”
      Tony Towle – “Scrap Paper”
      Joseph Ceravolo – “from Habitations”
      Michael Silverton – “Notes from Lake Chud”
      Michael Silverton – “I Would Love You More”
      Michael Silverton – “Dance Beans”
      Michael Silverton – “We Have Black Walnuts”
      Kathleen Fraser – “Anthropology”
      Gerard Malanga – “Burning Days”
      Timothy Baum – “Homage to Jane Austen”
      Ted Berrigan – “American Express”
      Ted Berrigan – “After Breakfast”
      Michael Benedikt – “The Patient Yak”
      Sotere Torregian – “Give Back the Human”
      Sotere Torregian – “We are Living in the Overlap”
      Sotere Torregian – “Poem” (“The mad epithaliums…”)
      Robert Newman – “Survival Facilities”
      John Perreault – “Blue Air”
      John Perreault – “My Shortness”
      John Perreault – “Haircut”
      John Perreault – “Through this Spanish City We Row like the Weather”

3. ELEPHANT, No. 3, edited by John Perreault
New York City: John Perreault, Winter 1966
First edition, side-stapled with illustrated cover, 8.5” x 11”, 48 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by John Perreault. Illustration by Hugo Mujica

  • Contents:
    1. Joseph Ceravolo – “Help”
      Joseph Ceravolo – “Poem” (“Who has the nerves…”)
      Joseph Ceravolo – “Poem” (“You are mine…”)
      Joseph Ceravolo – “Snowy Saturday”
      Joseph Ceravolo – “Poem” (“What do you know…”)
      Ruth Krauss – “Miracle or Goodbye My Poets’ Storefront”
      Ruth Krauss – “A Play, Drunk Boat”
      Ruth Krauss – “Torch Song”
      Ruth Krauss – “Horse Opera with Wings”
      Ruth Krauss – “A Poem-Play, Onward”
      David Shapiro – “A Poem for Joseph Ceravolo”
      Aram Saroyan – “Waht”
      Regina Snyder – “Mandala”
      Jack Anderson – “Weather Report”
      Jack Anderson – “Castanets”
      Jack Anderson – “Precipitation Monday”
      Anne Waldman – “On the Open Sea”
      Anne Waldman – “The Distinct Absence”
      Lewis Warsh – “Suspect”
      Lewis Warsh – “The Report Card”
      James Brodey – “San Francisco, Condensed”
      Sotere Torregian – “From the Uncollected Poems of John Wesley Hardin”
      Sotere Torregian – [untitled] “And cork Paris world magic…”
      Michael Silverton – “Poem in Seven Sections called ‘The Days’”
      Thomas Clark – “The Yearbook”
      Thomas Clark – “The Whispering Lights”
      John Perreault – “Apocalypse”
      Clark Coolidge – “The Repeat Paper”
      Timothy Baum – “Automatic Thought Sequence for Alvin Greenstein’s Birthday”
      Ted Berrigan – “Corporal Pellegrini”
      Ted Berrigan – “Tobacco”
      John Perreault – “Zion”
      John Perreault – “An Interview with Joseph Ceravolo”