Wild Dog

WILD DOG was the brainchild of Ed Dorn, who was teaching at Idaho State University in the early sixties. The magazine included students as editors and contributors; they published alongside LeRoi Jones, Douglas Woolf, Robert Kelly, Larry Eigner, Fielding Dawson, Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, Louis Zukofsky, Robert Creeley, Diane Wakoski, Stan Brakhage and Joanne Kyger. Kyger co-edited nos. 17–18 with Drew Wagnon and Gino Clays. Dorn, Geoffrey Dunbar, and John Hoopes were also editors of Wild Dog over the course of the magazine’s twenty-one issues, from 1963–66, during which time they moved from Pocatello to Salt Lake City to San Francisco.

WILD DOG, No. 1, edited by John Hoopes and Edward Dorn
n.p. [Pocatello]: Wild Dog, n.d. [c. 1963]
Side-stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 32 pages, mimeograph printed.

John Hoopes – “On All That Lives”
Geoffrey Dunbar – “1945”
Douglas Woolf – “Juncos and Jokers Wild”
Zig – “VIII”
Edward Dorn – “God has a Wreck on 91 South”
Dawn Stram – [untitled] “Midnight surrounds you…”
Gail Bell – “The Mask”
“Caliph” John – “Apple Cores”
Robert Kelly – “The Larger Issue…”


WILD DOG, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by John Hoopes
Pocatello: Wild Dog, May 24, 1963
Side-stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 26 pages, mimeograph printed.

Charles Olson – [untitled] “The Vault of Heaven…”
Gael Turnbull – “I Look Into”
Charles Potts – “Migratory”
Don Lloyd – “Magill’s Catharsis”
Berk Erbland – “Lament of a War Baby”
Ron Loewinsohn – “His Talk, What He Says”, “The Mozart Inkblots”
Larry Eigner – “The Memory of Yeats Blake”, “For Your Quiet Limbs”, Trying”, “Narrow Sky”
Brent Bennett – “The Age of Suspicion”


WILD DOG, Vol. 1, No. 5, edited by John Hoopes and Drew Wagnon
Pocatello: Wild Dog, January 30, 1964
Side-stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 26 pages, mimeograph printed.

Louis Zukofsky – from “Found Objects”
Catherine Ross – [untitled] “Clear as Fingers…”
Raymond Obermayr – “Pop Art and Popular America”
Geoffrey Dunbar – “The Edge”, “Un-song”
Jack Anderson – “Wednesday”, “The Games of Night”, “Dog in the Street”
M. Theora Heckler – [untitles] “An optimistic old mermaid…”
Douglas Wolfe – “In Walks Everyone”
George Bowering – “The Lawnmower”
Charles Olson – [untitled] “Men are only known in memory…”, [untitled] “The Pedens, who re-walked…”



WILD DOG, Vol. 1, No. 8, edited by Ed Dorn and Drew Wagnon
Pocatello: Wild Dog Press, May 1964
Side-stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 45 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by Helene Dorn.

Mary T. Heckler – [untitled] “People who are my friends…”
Tom Raworth & Fielding Dawson – “World People”
John Keys – “Look”
Mack Thomas – “Thaw”
Tom Raworth – [untitled] “Then crossed the menai straits…”
Zig – “We”
Philip Whalen – “Twin Peaks”, “Saturday Morning”, “The Prophecy”, “Oh Yes. Vancouver”, “The Fourth of October, 1963”
Ken Irby – [untitled] “Cape hunting dogs…”
Charles Potts – “It Happened in a Swamp”
Ed Dorn – “Fort Hall Obituary: A Note”, [untitled] “Pocatello is black…”, “Mourning Letter”
John Fles – two film reviews
Jack Leahy – letter
Judson Crews – “Reth for Wreath For Ever”
Wendell B. Anderson – “On the Plain before Arroyo Seco”
Tom Raworth – “From London…”
Douglas Woolf – “New Medium”
Margaret Randall de Mondragon – “From Mexico…”
Gino Clays – “Time”, [untitled] “Sprawled on the fenders…”
Larry Eigner – [untitled] “One died by this tremendous headache…”
Margaret Randall – “Morning Poem”
Norman C. Moser – “Elegy on Leaving Vancouver”, “More than Willing to Change”
Drew Wagnon – “Catastrophic Praeparator”, [untitled] “Glancing over my shoulder…”, [untitled] “Man is caught looking…”
Jay Oh – “The World of Sports”
Leroi Jones – “The Burning General”

WILD DOG, Vol. 2, No. 9, edited by Drew Wagnon and Ed Dorn
Pocatello: Wild Dog Press, July 18, 1964
Side-stapled printed wrappers, 8.5″ x 11″, 37 pages, mimeograph printed.

Miguel Grinberg – “Here, El Rio de La Plata”
A. Fredric Franklyn – “The Choices”, “The Servant”
Paul Blackburn – “Herk, Hark”, “The Unemployment Bureau”, “Hot Afternoons Have Been in West 15th Street”
Ken Irby – “For Allen Kimball”
Frank Ross – “Dead Indian”
Dorothy Dalton – “Strike a Muted Bell”
William Wroth – [untitled] “Drawing the triangle…”, “Beginning of a Long Poem”, “San Jose”, “August 63”, “Dry”
Larry Eigner – “L’Espagne en Coplas”, “The Stars Turn the Sky a Head”, “Aqueducts of California”, “Quietness of Music”, “It’s the Rain”
“Caliph” John – “Apple Cores”
Gilbert Sorrentino – “The Bullpen is Up and Throwing”