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Blue Beat

1. BLUE BEAT: A COLLECTION OF RECENT SOUNDS, edited by George Montgomery and Erik Kiviat
New York City: Blue Beat Publications, March 1964
First edition, side-stapled with printed and illustrated cover sheet, 8.5″ x 11″, 42 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by Alex Wiener.

  • Contents:
    1. Kirby Congdon – “The Gravy and the Glory”
      Margo Love – “If You Should Leave Me”
      Ray Bremser – “Rain Poem”
      Jim Brody – “Two Tragic Poems”
      Jerry Greenberg – “Occupation – Unemployed”
      Jonas Kover – “Like If I Don’t Stop”
      Jonas Kover – “Paranoia I”
      Judson Crews – “Love without Courage”
      Judson Crews – “Wake”
      Jay Socin – “Prayer”
      Paul Blackburn – “How to Sublet and Apartment to Friends”
      Barbara Moraff – “Bio”
      Barbara Moraff – “Gaussian Noise”
      Alex Wiener – “Under the Stubble and Thumb of Dawn”
      Jack Micheline – “Poem to Greek Sailors”
      Jack Micheline – “The City”
      Bob Blossom – “Here I Walk”
      John Keys – “Poem”
      Carol Berge – “Portrait: West Coast Poet”
      Barbara Jarvik – “Secrets II”
      Barbara Jarvik – “The Walk or Relativity”
      Ted Berrigan – “Mugging Up”
      Gerard Malanga – “Sonnet XXLV”
      Harold Carrington – “…O that Be”
      Stanley Fisher – “Rattlesnake Pad”
      Jerry Greenberg – “New Faces”
      Tuli Kupferberg – “Williamsburg Bridge”
      Charles Guenther – “Poem from Artaud”
      Bob Blossom – “My Uncle Speaks”
      Lynn Fisher – “Vermont”
      Aram Saroyan – “It’s Midnight Again”
      Aram Saroyan – “In My Room”
      Stephen Tropp – “Tarnish”
      Kirby Congdon – “American Saga”
      Ed Sanders – “3 from the Gobble Gang Poems”
      Walter Lowenfels – “A Young Poet Asks”
      Gloria Tropp – “Taylor Mead”
      Bonnie Bremser – “Poem to Lee Forest”
      Allen de Loach – “Censorship”
      Lenore Kandel – “No Clock No Time”
      Al Katzman – “The Difference”
      R.C. Wilson – “Village Madman”
      Szabo – “Poem with a line from Micheline”
      Penrod – “The Traveler and the Satyr”
      Erik Kiviat – “Poem to Francis Bacon”
      George Montgomery – Big Apple, part 4″