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The Eight Pager

1. THE EIGHT PAGER, Series 1, Part 1, edited by D.r. Wagner
Niagara Falls: press : today : niagara, 1966
First edition, top-stapled, 8.5” x 11”, 12 leaves printed recto only, mimeograph printed.

“this publication is not to be taken internally except as an aphrodisiac”

  • Contents:
    1. D.r. Wagner – “Orange Satori II”
      rjs – [untitled] “so you know a girl…”
      rjs – [untitled] “snake-eyes always jumps tomorrow…”
      d.a. levy – “Segment from a Destroyed Journal”
      d.a. levy – “from The North American Book of the Dead”
      Dave Rasey – “T.V. Western”
      d.a. levy – “from Hate Rays Cleveland”
      E.R. Baxter – [letter]
      D.r. Wagner – “Orange Satori III”
      D.r. Wagner – [book reviews]

2. THE EIGHT PAGER, Series 1, Part 2, edited by D.r. Wagner
Niagara Falls: press : today : niagara, 1966
First edition, top-stapled, 8.5” x 11”, 11 leaves printed recto only, mimeograph printed.

“this publication may be chopped up burned cooked on a spoon and mainlined and is recommended as a real aphrodisiac”

  • Contents:
    1. John Montgomery – “Parable”
      John Montgomery – “Bang”
      Kent Taylor – [untitled] “memories crushing my eyes…”
      Kent Taylor – “January 10, 1966”
      Kent Taylor – “Feb. 10, 1966”
      Doug Blazek – “The Atoms in My Life”
      Doug Blazek – “Birth”
      Antonin Artaud – [untitled] “Masterpieces of the past…”
      Doug Blazek – “Snow Fever”
      Tuli Kupferberg – [untitled] “I sit by the window early…”

3. THE EIGHT PAGER, Series 1, Part 3, edited by D.r. Wagner
Niagara Falls: press : today : niagara, 1966
First edition, top-stapled, 8.5” x 11”, 13 leaves printed recto only, mimeograph printed.

“this publication is excellent mixed with gin and tonic and is an excellent aphrodisiac”

  • Contents:
    1. Margaret Randall – “The Called Shots”
      Margaret Randall – “The Strike”
      Charles Bukowski – “The Stupid Are Best At The Cruelties:”
      Charles Bukowski – “The Sex-Obsessed Ladies Walking By Me After Work”
      Charles Bukowski – [untitled] “the way to stay alive…”
      Gene Fowler – “Glimpses of a Cold Night”
      Gene Fowler – “The Descent”
      Grace Butcher – “Trip”
      Grace Butcher – “Excerpt from a Letter”
      D.r. Wagner – [book reviews]
      author unknown – “A Special Note on Richmond and his Poetry”

4. THE EIGHT PAGER, Series 1, Part 4, edited by D.r. Wagner
Niagara Falls: press : today : niagara, 1966
First edition, top-stapled, 8.5” x 11”, 12 leaves printed recto only, mimeograph printed.

“by this time I’d bet you expected this space to say something about how ‘8’ is an aphrodisiac”

  • Contents:
    1. Erik Kiviat – “Treaty”
      Erik Kiviat – “Letter to Marcia”
      Carl Larsen – “Telethong”
      Walter Lowenfels – “Motherfucker Time”
      Russell Salamon – [untitled] “she is out of the seashell…”
      Sid Rufus – “The Homo Sapien Waltz”
      Jacob Leed – “Version Z”
      Sid Rufus – “Hobby Utmostess”
      Mel Buffington – “Musicman”
      Mel Buffington – “Decapitation”
      Douglas Blazek – “Earth”
      Kenneth Patchen – “from See You in the Morning”
      Steve Richmond – “A Selection of Poems”
      Steve Richmond – “My Cock”
      E.R. Baxter – “A Public Service Announcement”
      D.r. Wagner – [book reviews]

Blue Beat

1. BLUE BEAT: A COLLECTION OF RECENT SOUNDS, edited by George Montgomery and Erik Kiviat
New York City: Blue Beat Publications, March 1964
First edition, side-stapled with printed and illustrated cover sheet, 8.5″ x 11″, 42 pages, mimeograph printed. Cover art by Alex Wiener.

  • Contents:
    1. Kirby Congdon – “The Gravy and the Glory”
      Margo Love – “If You Should Leave Me”
      Ray Bremser – “Rain Poem”
      Jim Brody – “Two Tragic Poems”
      Jerry Greenberg – “Occupation – Unemployed”
      Jonas Kover – “Like If I Don’t Stop”
      Jonas Kover – “Paranoia I”
      Judson Crews – “Love without Courage”
      Judson Crews – “Wake”
      Jay Socin – “Prayer”
      Paul Blackburn – “How to Sublet and Apartment to Friends”
      Barbara Moraff – “Bio”
      Barbara Moraff – “Gaussian Noise”
      Alex Wiener – “Under the Stubble and Thumb of Dawn”
      Jack Micheline – “Poem to Greek Sailors”
      Jack Micheline – “The City”
      Bob Blossom – “Here I Walk”
      John Keys – “Poem”
      Carol Berge – “Portrait: West Coast Poet”
      Barbara Jarvik – “Secrets II”
      Barbara Jarvik – “The Walk or Relativity”
      Ted Berrigan – “Mugging Up”
      Gerard Malanga – “Sonnet XXLV”
      Harold Carrington – “…O that Be”
      Stanley Fisher – “Rattlesnake Pad”
      Jerry Greenberg – “New Faces”
      Tuli Kupferberg – “Williamsburg Bridge”
      Charles Guenther – “Poem from Artaud”
      Bob Blossom – “My Uncle Speaks”
      Lynn Fisher – “Vermont”
      Aram Saroyan – “It’s Midnight Again”
      Aram Saroyan – “In My Room”
      Stephen Tropp – “Tarnish”
      Kirby Congdon – “American Saga”
      Ed Sanders – “3 from the Gobble Gang Poems”
      Walter Lowenfels – “A Young Poet Asks”
      Gloria Tropp – “Taylor Mead”
      Bonnie Bremser – “Poem to Lee Forest”
      Allen de Loach – “Censorship”
      Lenore Kandel – “No Clock No Time”
      Al Katzman – “The Difference”
      R.C. Wilson – “Village Madman”
      Szabo – “Poem with a line from Micheline”
      Penrod – “The Traveler and the Satyr”
      Erik Kiviat – “Poem to Francis Bacon”
      George Montgomery – Big Apple, part 4″

Carl Larsen – Contributions to Books and Anthologies

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This index includes contributions to books and anthologies

1. FOUR NEW POETS, edited by Leslie Woolf Hedley
brautigan_fourSan Francisco: Inferno Press, 1957
First edition, perfect-bound illustrated wrappers, 5.5″ x 8″, 34 pages.
Contributors include Martin Hoberman, Carl Larsen, Richard Brautigan, and James M. Singer. Brautigan’s first book appearance.

2. EYE POEMS, edited by E.V. Griffith
Eureka: Hearse Press, (c. 1960)
First edition, saddle-stapled wrappers in illustrated wrappers, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 16 pages, 100 numbered copies.
Contributors include Farley Gay, James M. Singer, Kenneth Lawrence Beaudoin, Carl Larsen, E.V. Griffith, Charles Shaw, Shirley Summerfruct, Mason Jordan Mason.

3. BEAT GENERATION COOK-BOOK, edited by Carl Larsen and James M. Singer Jr.
New York: 7 Poets Press, 1961
First edition, saddle-stapled sheets tipped in to illustrated wrappers, 5.75″ x 8.75″, 36 pages, offset printed. Includes printed ads for other 7 Poets Press books including Bukowski’s Longshot Poems for Broke Players.

4. 3 ONE ACT PLAYS, edited by Chris Torrance
Torrance: Hors Commerce Press, July 1964
First edition, side-stapled sheets in printed cover with library-tape binding, 8.5″ x 11″, 150 numbered copies.
Contributors include Kirby Congdon, Carl Larsen, d.a. levy.

New York: Vinatage Books, 1969
First edition, paperback original.
Contributors include: Carol Berge, Paul Blackburn, Grace Butcher, Diane Di Prima, Will Inman, Allen Katzman, Bob Kaufman, Tuli Kupferberg, Carl Larsen, d.a. levy, Clarence Major, David Meltzer, George Montgomery, Margaret Randall, Steven Richmond, Ed Sanders, William Wantling.