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Charles Bukowski: Contributions to Periodicals

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Contributions to Periodicals

This index includes contributions to periodicals of poems and stories from 1944 to 1969: from Bukowski’s first appearance to roughly the time that his work started being published in collected volumes by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press; the period of time covered by Sanford Dorbin’s Bibliography.


1. STORY, Vol. 24 No. 106, edited by Whit Burnett
mags_storyNew York City: Story Magazine, March-April 1944
“Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip” [prose]
(Dorbin D1)
[not in archive]


2. PORTFOLIO AN IN­TERNATIONAL REVIEW, No. 3, edited by Caresse Crosby
mags_portfolio03_xWashington D.C.: Black Sun Press, Spring 1946
“20 Tanks from Kasseldown” [prose]
(Dorbin D2, Krumhansl 1)
[not in archive]

3. MATRIX, Vol. 9, No. 2, edited by Joseph Moskovitz
Philadelphia: Matrix, Summer 1946
“Soft and Fat Like Summer Roses” [poem], “The Reason Behind Reason” [prose], “Hello” [poem]
(Dorbin C1, D3)

4. MATRIX Vol. 9 No. 3-4, edited by Joseph Moskovitz
mags_matrix0934_xPhiladelphia: Matrix, Winter 1946-47
“Voice in a New York Subway” [poem], “Object Lesson” [poem], “Love, Love, Love” [prose]
(Dorbin C1a, C2, D4)
[not in archive]


5. MATRIX, Vol. 10, No. 3-4, edited by Joseph Moskovitz
Philadelphia: Matrix, Fall-Winter 1947
“Cacoethes Scribendi” [prose]
(Dorbin D5)


6. MATRIX, Vol. 11, No. 1-2, edited by Joseph Moskovitz
mags_matrix1101_xPhiladelphia: Matrix, Spring-Summer 1948
“Hard Without Music” [prose]
(Dorbin D6)
[not in archive]


7. MATRIX, 14th year, No 32, edited by J. Moray, Frank Brookhouser, and S.E. Mackey
mags_matrix32Pleasanton: Matrix, 1951
“The Look” [poem]
(Dorbin C3)

8. THE NAKED EAR, No. 9, edited by Judson Crews
mags_nakedear09Taos: Motive Book Shop, 1956
“Lay Over” [poem]
(Dorbin C4)

9. HARLEQUIN, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Barbara Frye
Los Angeles, 1956
“Wash over Me, Tired Centuries” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)

10. QUIXOTE, No. 12, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills
Gibraltar: Quixote, Winter 1956
“These Things” [poem], “You Smoke a Cigarette,” [poem]
(Dorbin C5-C6)

11. HARLEQUIN, Vol. 2, No. 1, edited by Barbara Frye and W.R. Lasater
mags_harlequin0201_xLos Angeles, 1957
“Essay on the Wine Gnat” [poem], “For They Had Things to Say” [poem], “Sun Coming Down” [poem], “On a Night You Don’t Sleep” [poem], “Did I Ever Tell You?” [poem], “Death Wants More Death” [poem], “The Editors Say:” [poem], “My Father” [poem], “The Rapists Story” [prose], “The Piano That Ate a Man, a Shirt and a Lion” [prose], “80 Airplanes Don’t Put You in the Clear” [prose]
(Dorbin C7-C14, D7-9)
[not in archive]

12. QUIXOTE, No. 13, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills
mags_quixote13Gibraltar, Spring 1957
“Poem for Personnel Managers:” [poem], “As the Sparrow” [poem]
(Dorbin C15-C16)

13. EXISTARIA, No. 7, edited by Carl Larsen
Hermosa Beach, Septem­ber-October 1957
“1975” [poem], “Adventures of a Bug” [poem], “Friendly Advice to a lot of Young Men, and a lot of Old Men Too” [poem]
(Dorbin C17-C19)

14. SEMINA, No. 2, edited by Wallace Berman
mags_semina02Los Angeles: Wallace Berman, 1957
“Mine” [poem]
(Dorbin C20)

15. BELOIT POETRY JOURNAL, Vol. 8, No. 2, edited Chad Walsh and Robert Glauber
Beloit: Beloit, Winter 1957-58
“Treason” [poem]
(Dorbin C21)


16. HEARSE: A VEHICLE USED TO CONVEY THE DEAD, No. 2, edited by E.V. Griffith
Eureka: Hearse Press, February 1958
“Some Notes of Dr. Klarstein” [poem]
(Dorbin C22)

17. COMPASS REVIEW, No. 2, edited by Eric Pfeiffer and George A. Wolff
mags_compass02St. Louis, April 1958
“All-Yellow Flowers” [poem]
(Dorbin C23)

18. APPROACH, No. 27, edited by Albert Fowler and Helen Fowler
mags_approach27Rosemont: Approach, Spring 1958
“The Gypsies near Del Mar” [poem]
(Dorbin C24)

19. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 11, No. 2, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall
mags_quicksilver1102_xFort Worth, Summer 1958
“The Hunted” [poem]
(Dorbin C25)
[not in archive]

20. APPROACH, No. 28, edited by Albert Fowler and Helen Fowler
mags_approach 28Rosemont: Approach, Summer 1958
“On Seeing an old Civil War Painting with my Love” [poem]
(Dorbin C26)

21. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 11, No. 3, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall
mags_quicksilver1103_xFort Worth, Autumn 1958
“The Life of Borodin” [poem]
(Dorbin C27)
[not in archive]

22. QUIXOTE, No. 19, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills
Gibraltar, Autumn 1958
“Hell Yes, The Hydrogen Bomb” [prose]
(Dorbin D10)

23. SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW, No. 1, edited by R.H.Miller
San Francisco, Winter 1958
“I Cannot Stand Tears” [poem], “10 Lions and the End of the World” [poem]
(Dorbin C28-C29)


24. HEARSE, No. 4, edited by E.V. Griffith
Eureka: Hearse Press, January 1959
“Bring Down The Beams” [poem]
(Dorbin C30)

25. NOMAD, No. 1, edited by Donald Factor and Anthony Linick
mags_nomad01Culver City, Winter 1959
“On the Failure of a Poet, on the Failure of the Earth…” [poem], “I Taste the Ashes of Your Death” [poem], “Regard Me” [poem], “Winter Comes in a lot of Places in August” [poem]
(Dorbin C31-C34)

26. COASTLINES, Vol. 3, No. 4, Issue 12, edited by Gene Frumkin
mags_coastlines12Los Angeles: Coastlines, Spring 1959
“Dow Jones: Down” [poem]
(Dorbin C35)

27. THE HALF MOON, No. 1, edited by Richard Kelly
mags_halfmoon01Long Island, Summer 1959
“An Odd Day Destroying Beauty–” [poem]
(Dorbin C36)

28. QUICK­SILVER, Vol. 12, No. 2, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall
mags_quicksilver1202Fort Worth, Summer 1959
“The Day I Kicked a Bankroll out the Window” [poem]
(Dorbin C37)

29. EPOS, Vol. 10, No. 4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
Crescent City: Epos, Summer 1959
“Soiree” [poem]
(Dorbin C38)

30. WANDERLUST, Vol. 2, No. 2, edited by A. Karl Austin, Jr.
Metairie: Wanderlust Magazine, July 1959
“The Crowded Men” [poem]
(Dorbin C39)
[not in archive]

31. THE GALLEY SAIL REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by Stanley McNail
mags_galleysail4San Francisco: Galley Sail Productions, Autumn 1959
“The Twins” [poem]
(Dorbin C40)

32. FLAME, Vol. 6, No. 3, edited by Lilith Lorraine
mags_flame0603Alpine, Autumn 1959
“I Think of the Olden Armies” [poem]
(Dorbin C41)

33. GALLOWS, No. 1, Jon T. Griffith
mags_gallows01Eureka, Octo­ber 1959
“What a Man I Was” [poem], “The Birds” [poem]
(Dorbin C42-43)

34. EPOS, Vol. 11, No. 2, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1102Crescent City: Epos, Winter 1959
“The Death of a Roach” [poem], “When Hugo Wolf Went Mad”
(Dorbin C44-C45)

35. ODYSSEY, Vol. 2, No. 1, Issue 5, edited by R.R. Cuscaden and Ronald Offen
mags_odyssey0201Chicago, 1959
“I Live Too Near the Slaughterhouse” [poem], “When Hugo Wolf Went Mad” [poem]
(Dorbin C45)

36. VIEWS, Vol. 5, No. 2, edited by Steven Block
mags_views0502Louisville: Views Associates, 1959
“And So We Go Our Way” [poem], “Not Quite So Soon”
(Dorbin C46-C47)
[not in archive]


37. SCIMITAR & SONG, Vol. 22, No. 7, edited by Lura Thomas McNair
Sanford, January 1960
“H-Bomb” [poem]
(Dorbin C48)

38. WANDERLUST, Vol. 2, No. 4, edited by A. Karl Austin, Jr.
Metairie: Wanderlust Magazine, January 1960
“One Evening by the Hills” [poem]
(Dorbin C49)
[not in archive]

39. NOMAD, No. 5/6, edited by Donald Factor and Anthony Linick
mags_nomad056Culver City, Winter-Spring I960
“So Much for the Knifers, so Much for the Bellowing Dawns” [poem], “The Day It Rained at the Los Angeles County Museum” [poem]
(Dorbin C50-C51)

40. SCIMITAR AND SONG, Vol. 22, No. 9, edited by Lura Thomas McNair
Sanford, March 1960
“She Lives in the Wind” [poem]
(Dorbin C52)

41. COASTLINES, Vol. 4, No. 2-3, Issue 14-15, edited by Gene Frumkin
mags_coastlines1415Los Andeles, Spring 1960
“Plea to a Passing Maid” [poem], “No Charge” [poem], “Love Is a Piece of Paper Torn to Bits” [poem]
(Dorbin C53-C55)

42. MER­LIN’S MAGIC, Vol. 1, No. 8, edited by Merlin F. Teed
mags_merlins0108Brooklyn, April I960
“To a Lady Who Was Once Interested in the Arts” [poem]
(Dorbin C56)
[not in archive]

43. QUAGGA, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by Donald Carroll, John Davis
mags_quagga0102Austin, May 1960
“Riot” [poem]
(Dorbin C57)

44. THE GALLEY SAIL REVIEW, Vol. 2, No. 2, Issue 6, edited by Stanley McNail
mags_galleysail6San Francisco: Galley Sail Productions, June 1960
“Conversation in a Cheap Room” [poem]
(Dorbin C58)
[not in archive]

45. MERLIN’S MAGIC, Vol. 1, No. 10, edited by Merlin F. Teed
mags_merlins0110Brooklyn, June 1960
“Home of the Beatnik: Venice, California” [poem]
(Dorbin C59)
[not in archive]

46. SCIMITAR AND SONG, Vol. 23, No. 1, edited by Lura Thomas McNair
Sanford, July 1960
“I Saw a Tramp Last Night” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)

47. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 13, No. 2, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall
mags_quicksilver1302_xFort Worth, Summer 1960
“Peace” [poem]
(Dorbin C60)
[not in archive]

48. THE FREE LANCE, Vol. 6, No. 1
mags_freelance0601Cleveland, Last Half 1960
“Wrong Number” [poem]
(Dorbin C61)

49. BEATITUDE, No. 16, edited by Alan Dienstag
San Francisco, July 1960
“Where the Hell Would Chopin Be?” [poem]
(Dorbin C62)

50. TARGETS, No. 3, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets03Albuquerque, September 1960
“The Japanese Wife” [poem]
(Dorbin C63)

51. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 13, No. 3, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall
Fort Worth, Autumn I960
“Prayer for Broken-Handed Lovers” [poem]
(Dorbin C64)

52. QUAGGA, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Paul Schmidt, James Smith
mags_quagga0103Austin, September I960
“To the Whore Who Took My Poems:” [poem]
(Dorbin C65)

53. LITERARY ARTPRESS, Vol. 2, No. 1, edited by Patrick McManus
Cheney: Eastern Washington State College, Fall 1960
“Anthony” [poem]
(Dorbin C66)

54. EPOS, Vol. 12, No. 1, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1201Crescent City, Fall 1960
“Down Thru the Marching” [poem]
(Dorbin C67)

55. THE SPARROW, No. 14, edited by Felix Stefanile
mags_sparrow14Flushing, November 1960
“The Loser” [poem]
(Dorbin C68)

56. TARGETS, No. 4, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets04Sandia Park, December 1960
“Conversation on a Telephone” [poem], “Ashes” [poem], “Gambier, Oh!” [poem], “Hermit in the City” [poem], “Home from a Room Below the Plains” [poem], “Pull Me Through the Temples, Pull Me Through the Wine -” [poem], “Horse on Fire” [poem], “The Tragedy of the Leaves” [poem]
(Dorbin C69-76)

Note: This issue includes ‘A SIGNATURE OF CHARLES BUKOWSKI’ (Dorbin B2, Krumhansl 4)

57. EPOS, Vol. 12, No. 2, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1202Crescent City, Winter 1960
“The Sun Wields Mercy” [poem]
(Dorbin C77)

58. SIMBOLICA, No. 19, edited by Ignace Ingianni
Tiburon: Simbolica, I960
“Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook” [prose]
(Dorbin D12)

59. RONGWRONG, No. 1, edited by Carl Larsen
mags_rongwrong01New York: 7 Poets Press, 1960
“The State of World Affairs from a 3rd Floor Window” [poem], “Hello, Willie Shoemaker” [poem], “Letter from the North” [poem]
[not in Dorbin]

60. IMPETUS, No. 5, edited by Guy Owen
mags_impetus05Deland: Stetson University, Winter 1960-61
“It’s Nothing to Laugh About” [poem]
(Dorbin C79)
[not in archive]


61. MERLIN’S MAGIC, Vol. 2, No. 5, edited by Merlin F. Teed
mags_merlins0205Brooklyn, January 1961
“Light Light Light” [poem]
(Dorbin C80)
[not in archive]

62. MERLIN’S MAGIC Vol. 2, No. 6, edited by Merlin F. Teed
mags_merlins0206Brooklyn, February-March 1961
“An Incident outside Normandy” [poem]
(Dorbin C81)
[not in archive]

63. SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 8, edited by R.H. Miller
mags_sfreview08San Francisco, March 1961
“Candidate Middle of Left-Right Center” [poem], “Face While Shaving” [poem], “The Best Way to Get Famous Is to Run Away” [poem]
(Dorbin C82-C84)

64. LITERARY ARTPRESS, Vol. 2, No. 2, edited by Patrick McManus
Cheney: Eastern Washington State College, Spring 1961
“Ants Crawl My Drunken Arms” [poem]
(Dorbin C85)

65. MERLIN’S MAGIC, Vol. 2, No. 7, edited by Merlin F. Teed
mags_merlins0207Brooklyn, April 1961
“Night Animal” [poem]
(Dorbin C86)
[not in archive]

66. TARGETS, No. 5, edited by W.L. Garner
Albuquerque, April 1961
“The Sunday Artist” [poem], “On Crusts and Such” [poem]
(Dorbin C87-C88)

67. WANDERLUST, No. 10, edited by A. Karl Austin, Jr.
Metairie: Wanderlust Magazine, April 1961
“Why Are All Your Poems Personal?” [poem]
(Dorbin C89)

mags_oak0302West Seneca, 2d Quarter 1961
“Saying Goodbye to Love” [poem]
(Dorbin C90)

69. MIDWEST, No. 2, edited by R.R. Cuscaden
mags_midwest02Chicago: Midwest, Summer 1961
“No Title at All…” [poem]
(Dorbin C91)

70. EPOS, Vol. 12, No. 4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1204Crescent City, Summer 1961
“Evening Class, 20 Years Later” [poem]
(Dorbin C92)

71. EXPERIMENT, Vol. 8, No. 1-2, edited by John Gross
mags_experiment0801Seattle, Summer 1961
“Program on the Sand:” [poem]
(Dorbin C93)

72. RONGWRONG, No. 2, edited by Carl Larsen
mags_rongwrong02New York: 7 Poets Press, Summer 1961
“An Agreement on Tchaikovsky” [poem]
(Dorbin C94)

73. WANDERLUST, No. 11, edited by A. Karl Austin, Jr.
Metairie: Wanderlust Magazine, July 1961
“All the Rotting Week-Day Boats (San Pedro, California)” [poem]
(Dorbin C95)

74. RENAISSANCE, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by John Bryan and Michael O’Donoghue
San Francisco: Renaissance Publications, July 1961
“The Way To Review a Play and Keep Everybody Happy but Me:” [poem]
(Dorbin C96)

75. HEARSE, No. 7, edited by E.V. Griffith
mags_hearse07Eureka: Hearse Press, (July 1961)
“The Old Movies” [poem], “I Am Visited by an Editor and a Poet” [poem]
(Dorbin C97-C98)

76. HEARSE, No. 8, edited by E.V. Griffith
mags_hearse08Eureka: Hearse Press, (July 1961)
“An Argument over Marshal Foch” [poem], “A Literary Romance” [poem], “Transition” [poem]
(Dorbin C99-C101)

77. SIGNET, Vol. 3, No. 9, edited by S.T. Friedman
Alamo, September 1961
“The Rented Room of Winter” [poem], “A Drink to the Fool” [poem], “Half Asleep Beside a Mourning Window” [poem]

78. TARGETS, No. 7, edited by W.L. Garner
Albuquerque, September 1961
“3:30 A.M. Conversation” [poem], “The Sheet” [poem], “The Elephant” [poem]
(Dorbin C104-C106)

Note: This issue includes ‘BUKOWSKI SIGNATURE 2’ (Dorbin B3, Krumhansl 5)

79. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 14, No. 3, edited by Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall 
Fort Worth, Autumn 1961
“Vegas” [poem]
(Dorbin C107)

80. DESCANT, Vol. 6, No. 1, edited by Betsy Colquitt and Mabel Major
mags_descant0601Fort Worth: Texas Christian University, Fall 1961
“Beagle” [poem], “Many Ways” [poem], “Export” [poem]
(Dorbin C109-C111)

81. THE OUTSIDER, No. 1, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
mags_outsider01New Orleans: Loujon Press, Fall 1961
“Hooray Say the Roses” [poem], “Pay Your Rent or Get Out” [poem], “Shoes” [poem], “I Am With the Roots of Flowers” [poem], “Go with the Rockets and the Blondes” [poem], “A Real Thing, a Good Woman” [poem], “To a High Class Whore I Refused” [poem], “Old Man, Dead in a Room” [poem], “Love in a Back Room on the Row” [poem], “Nothing Subtle” [poem], “And Then: Age” [poem]
(Dorbin C112-C122)

Note: This issue includes ‘A CHARLES BUKOWSKI ALBUM’ (Krumhansl 6)

82. EPOS, Vol. 13, No. 2, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1302Crescent City: Epos, Winter 1961
“The Priest and the Matador” [poem]
(Dorbin C123)

83. SIGNET, Vol. 3, No. 12, edited by Sue Friedman
Alamo, December 1961
“The Ants” [poem], “Ringed Bathtub, Peacock or Bell” [poem]
(Dorbin C124-C125)
[not in archive]

84. TARGETS, No. 8, edited by W.L. Garner
December 1961
“After Receiving a Contributor’s Copy of Nothing After a 3-Year Wait” [poem]
(Dorbin C126)

85. CANTO, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Ken Margolis, James E. Clemons, et al.
mags_canto0103Los Angeles: The Delphic Press, Winter 1961
“Very” [poem], “The Night I  Nodded to George Raft in Vegas” [prose]
(Dorbin C127, D13)

86. SIMBOLICA, No. 20, edited by Ignace Ingianni
Tiburon: Simbolica, Winter 1961
“You Can’t Get Something Without the Belly-Ache of a Bullet, And I Guess the Mushroom Now” [poem]

87. SUN, No. 1, edited by Tracy Thompson
mags_sun01San Francisco: Sun, 1961
“10:30 P.M.” [poem], “I’ve Fought Them from the Moment I Saw Light From the Womb” [poem]
(Dorbin C129-C130)

88. VENTURE, Vol. 4, No. 1, edited by Joseph J. Friedman
New York City: Venture Publications, 1961
“Serligev” [poem]
(Dorbin C131)

89. ANAGOGIC & PAIDEUMIC REVIEW, No. 5, edited by Sheri Martinelli
San Gregorio, 1961
“Poem for My Little Dog Who Growls Quite Well” [poem], “Scaled Like a Fish” [poem], “A Disorganized Poem on a Disorganized Day, with Women Running in and out and the Price of Beer up 2¢ a Can” [poem], “I Get all the Breaks” [poem]
(Dorbin C132-C134, D14)

90. THE ANAGOGIC & PAIDEUMIC RE­VIEW, No. 6, edited by Sheri Martinelli
Half Moon Bay, 1961
“Poem for Liz:” [poem], “No Title” [prose]
(Dorbin C135, D15)

91. SIMBOLICA, No. 21, edited by Ignace Ingianni
TIburon: Simbolica, 1961
“Ample Sewers” [poem], “Dialogue: Dead Man on the Fence” [prose]
(Dorbin C136, D16)

92. MIDWEST, No. 3, edited by R.R. Cuscaden
mags_midwest03Chicago: Midwest, Winter 1961-1962
“A Minor Impulse to Complain” [poem], “Sundays Kill More Men than Bombs” [poem], “Monday Beach, Cold Day” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)


93. MICA, No. 5, edited by Helmut Bonheim and Raymond Federman
mags_mica05Santa Barbara, Winter 1962
“A Poem For Ernest H.–” [poem], “Answer to a Note on the Dresser:” [poem], “Warning” [poem]
(Dorbin C137-C139)

94. BRAND X, No. 1, edited by Carl Larsen
New York: 7 Poets Press, January 1962
“Fast Pace” [poem]
(Dorbin C140)

96. QUICKSILVER, Vol. 15, No, 1
Fort Worth, Spring 1962
“2 Outside, as Bones Break in My Kitchen” [poem]
(Dorbin C141)

97. SATIS, No. 5, edited by Matthew Mead
mags_satis05Newcastle upon Tyne: Malcolm Rutherford, Spring-Summer 1962
“A 350 Dollar Horse and a Hundred Dollar Whore” [poem], “What Seems to Be the Trouble, Gentlemen?” [poem]
(Dorbin C142-C143)

98. SUN, No. 4, edited by Tracy Thompson
mags_sun04San Francisco: Sun, April 1962
“Love Song to a Woman Who Visited Santa Anita on a Wednesday” [poem], “The Southeast Comer of Snow” [poem]
(Dorbin C144-C145)

99. SIGNET, Vol. 4, No. 4
Alamo, May 1962
“The Dead Stay Alive Too Long and the Living Live Too Little” [poem], “Peccavi” [poem]
(Dorbin C146-C147)

100. BRAND X, No. 5, edited by Carl Larsen
mags_brandx05New York: 7 Poets Press, May 1962
“My Faithful Indian Servant” [poem]
(Dorbin C147a)

101. BLACK CAT REVIEW, No. 1, edited by Neeli Cherry
mags_blackcat01San Bernardino: The Cherry Press, June 1962
“New York as I Remember? And I Guess It Hasn’t Changed” [poem]
(Dorbin C148)


102. TARGETS, No. 10, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets10Albuquerque, June 1962
“Have You Ever Pulled a Lions Tail?” [poem], “Imbecile Night” [poem], “A Poem Is a City” [poem]
(Dorbin C149-C151)

103. THE OUTSIDER, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
mags_outsider02New Orleans: Loujon Press, Summer 1962
“Sick Leave” [poem], “To a Lady Who Believes Me Dead” [poem]
(Dorbin C152-C153)

104. MIDWEST, No. 4, edited by R.R. Cuscaden
mags_midwest04Chicago: Midwest, Summer 1962
“12,000 Dollars in 3 Months” [poem]
(Dorbin C154)

105. CHOICE, No. 2, edited by Aaron Siskind and Roger Logan
Chicago: Choice Magazine, Summer 1962
“9 Rings” [poem]
(Dorbin C155)

106. RENAISSANCE, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by John Bryan
mags_renaissance0103San Francisco: Renaissance Publications, Summer 1962
“War and Piece” [poem], “The Biggest Breasts” [poem], “Information upon an Empire of Coins” [poem]
(Dorbin C156-C158)

107. EL CORNO EMPLUMADO, No. 3, edited by Sergio Mondragon and Margaret Randall
mags_corno03Mexico City: El Corno Emplumado, Julio 1962
“9 A.M.” [poem], “A Rat Rises” [poem], “The Imaginative Ladies” [poem]
(Dorbin C159-C161)

108. SUN, No. 7, edited by Tracy Thompson
mags_sun07San Francisco: Sun, July 1962
“Using Up a Mostly Useless Night” [poem]
(Dorbin C162)

109. OUTCRY, No. 1, edited by Lee Hollane and C.P. Galle
mags_outcry010Washington D.C.: Poet’s Press, July 1962
“Room Service” [poem]
(Dorbin C163)

110. SUN, No. 8, edited by Tracy Thompson
mags_sun08San Francisco: Sun, August 1962
“The Consummation of Grief” [poem]
(Dorbin C164)

111. TAR­GETS, No. 11, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets11Albuquerque, September 1962
“Our Breath’s Fondness Burns Like Gruel in Beggary” [poem], “Counsel” [poem], “Out of It” [poem]
(Dorbin C165-C167)

112. NORTHWEST REVIEW, Vol. 5, No. 4, edited by Edward Van Aelstyn
mags_northwest0504Eugene: University of Oregon, Fall 1962
“The Pleasures of the Damned” [poem], “The Dead Flowers of Myself” [poem], “Woman on the Street” [poem]
(Dorbin C168-C170)

113. EPOS, Vol. 14, No. 1, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
Crescent City: Epos, Fall 1962
“2 Views” [poem]
(Dorbin C171)

114. RONGWRONG, No. 4, edited by David Cohn, O.W. Crane, Carl Larsen, et al.
New York City: 7 Poets Press, Fall 1962
“Something in Me Wants to Sing and Scream All Day Long” [poem]
(Dorbin C172)

115. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 2, No. 3, Issue 7, edited by Marvin Malone and Alexander Taylor
mags_wormwood007Storrs: The Wormwood Review, October 1962
“Thank God for Alleys” [poem]
(Dorbin C173)

116. MICA, No. 7, edited by Helmut Bonheim and Raymond Federman
mags_mica07Santa Barbara, November 1962
“WW 2” [poem]
(Dorbin C174)

117. TARGETS, No. 12, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets12Albuquerque, December 1962
“Mongolian Coasts Shining in Light” [poem]
(Dorbin C175)

118. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 2, No. 4, Issue 8, edited by Marvin Malone and Alexander Taylor
mags_wormwood08Storrs: The Wormwood Review, December 1962
“For Jane” [poem], “The Sharks” [poem]
(Dorbin C176-C177)

120. SOUTH AND WEST, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Sue Abbott Boyd
mags_southand0103_xFort Smith: South and West, Winter 1962
“To A Lady Who Believes Me Dead” [poem]
(Dorbin C153)
[not in archive]

121. MUMMY, No. 1, edited by Harold Chumbly
San Francisco: Mummy, 1962
“Sartre Will Shave” [poem], “Love is a Form of Selfishness:” [poem], “Madness” [poem], “Bistro Scene, or: Skid Row: Hollywood” [poem]
(Dorbin C178-C181)
[not in archive]

122. IN/SERT, No. 4, edited by Vic Flack
mags_insert04Portland: In/sert, 1962
“The Passing of a Dark Gray Moment” [poem]
(Dorbin C182)


124. THE EMERSON REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Shelley Gross
mags_emerson1Hollywood, Winter 1963
“Experience” {poem], “Weather Report” poem], “Part of an Ordinary Day of an Inordinate Man:” [poem]
(Dorbin C184)

125. NORTHWEST REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 1, edited by Edward van Aelstyn
Eugene: University of Oregon, Winter 1963
“I Have Lived in England” [poem]
(Dorbin C185)

126. SIGNET, Vol. 5, No. 1, edited by Sue Friedman
Alamo, January 1963
“Corrections of Self, Mostly After Whitman” [poem], “The Raid of the Monkeys” [poem]
(Dorbin C186-C187)

127. NORTHWEST REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 2, edited by Edward Van Aelstyn
mags_northwest0602Eugene: University of Oregon, Spring 1963
“A Drawer of Fish” [poem]
(Dorbin C188)

128. THE OUTSIDER, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
New Orleans: Loujon Press, Spring 1963
“The Tragedy of the Leaves, [poem], “The Priest and the Matador” [poem], “Old Man Dead in a Room” [poem], “The House” [poem], “Event” [poem], “Dinner, Rain & Transport” [poem]
(Dorbin C189-C191)

129. LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 2, No. 5, edited by Jay Robert Nash
Chi­cago: Literary Times, April-May 1963
“A Night in the Hotel Lobby-” [poem]
(Dorbin C192)

130. SIGNET, Vol. 5, No. 5, edited by Sue Friedman
mags_signet0505Alamo, May 1963
“The Snow of Italy” [poem]
(Dorbin C193)

131. EPOS, Vol. 14, No. 4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1404Crescent City: Epos, Summer 1963
“The Singular Self” [poem]
(Dorbin C194)

132. EL CORNO EMPLUMADO, No. 7, edited by Sergio Mondragon and Margaret Randall
Mexico City: El Corno Emplumado, Julio 1963
“Beans with Garlic” [poem], “I Think of Hemingway” [poem], “Love Bound at the Wrist and Hung Like a Salomey” [poem]
(Dorbin C195-C197)

133. TARGETS, No. 15, edited by W.L. Garner
mags_targets15_xAlbuquerque, September 1963
“I Know what the Tigers Said” [poem], “Letter to a Small and Kindly Princess” [poem], “I Thought of Ships, of Armies, Hanging On…”, [poem] “2 Flies” [poem], “Answer to Some Sacramento Letters:”[poem], “Stop Drinking, Drinking, Drinking…” [poem]
(Dorbin C198-C203)

134. NORTHWEST REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 4, edited by Edward Van Aelstyn
Eugene: University of Oregon, Fall 1963
“Breakthrough” [poem], “The Tragedy of the Leaves” [poem], “I Taste the Ashes of Your Death” [poem]
(Dorbin C204)

135. SOUTH AND WEST, Vol. 2, No. 2, edited by Sue Abbott Boyd
mags_southand0202Fort Smith: South and West, Fall 1963
“Burnt Fuse” [poem]
(Dorbin C205)

136. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 3, Issue 11, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood11Storrs: The Wormwood Review, November 1963
“Same Old Thing, Shakespeare Through Mailer-” [poem], “Rhyming Poem” [poem]

137. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 3, No. 4, Issue 12, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood12Storrs: The Wormwood Review, December 1963
[untitled]: “it’s not / who lived here…” [poem],  “Poem for My 43rd Birthday” [poem], “The End” [poem], “The Vulgar Sounds Rise My Mystery” [poem]
(Dorbin C208-C211)

138. OUTCRY, No. 1½, edited by Lee Hollane and C.P. Galle
mags_outcry015Washington D.C.: Poet’s Press, 1963
“Tonight” [poem], “For One I Knew” [poem], “Remains” [poem], “Yours for Trout” [poem]
(Dorbin C212-C215)

139. SCIAMACHY, No. 5, edited by Millea Levin
mags_sciamachy05Winnetka: Sciamachy, 1963
“Existence” [poem], “Notice” [poem]
(Dorbin C216-C217)

140. COASTLINES, Vol. 5, No. 4, Issue 20, edited by Barding Dahl and Alexandra Garrett
mags_coastlines0504Santa Monica: Coastlines, 1963
“Warble In” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)


141. AMÉRICAS, Vol. 16, No. 1
Washington D.C.: Pan American Union, January 1964
“Bull” [poem], “The Tragedy of the Leaves” [poem]
(Dorbin C218)

142. THE GOLIARDS, No. 1
Tampa, “Leapday 1964”
“A Trick to Dull Our Bleeding” [poem]
(Dorbin C219)

Palo Alto: Pacific Books, 1964
“The House” [poem], “The Singular Self” [poem]
[see Dorbin C189, C194]

143. SOUTH AND WEST, Vol. 2, No. 4, edited by Sue Abbott Boyd
mags_southand0204Fort Smith: South and West Inc, Spring 1964
“Possession” [poem]
(Dorbin C219a)

144. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 1, Issue 13, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood13Storrs: The Wormwood Review, May 1964
“The Hours” [poem]
(Dorbin C220)

145. MIDWEST, No. 7, edited by R.R. Cuscaden
Chicago: Midwest, Sumer 1964
mags_midwest07“Through the Streets of Anywhere”[poem], “Bayonets In Candlelight” [poem]
(Dorbin C221-C222)

146. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 2, Issue 14, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood14Storrs: The Wormwood Review, August 1964
“Beerbottle” [poem], “What to Do with Contributor’s Copies?” [poem]
(Dorbin C223-C223a)

147. FLORIDA EDUCATION, Vol. 42, No. 1, edited by Ed Henderson
Jacksonville: Florida Education Association, September 1964
“The Priest and the Matador” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)
[not in archive]

148. SOUTH AND WEST, Vol. 3, No. 2, edited by Sue Abbott Boyd
Fort Smith: South and West, Autumn 1964
“Rosebitch” [poem]
(Dorbin C224)

149. DUST, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Leonard Fulton
mags_dust0103El Cerrito: Dust Books, Fall 1964
“Ice for the Eagles” [poem], “Bad Night” [poem]
(Dorbin C225-C226)

150. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 3, Issue 15, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood15Storrs: The Wormwood Review, November 1964
“Practice” [poem]
(Dorbin C227)

151. FLORIDA EDUCA­TION, Vol. 42, No. 4, edited by Ed Henderson
Jacksonville: Florida Education Association, December 1964
“Startled into Steam of Life like Fire” [poem]
(Dorbin C228)
[not in archive]

152. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 4, No. 4, Issue 16
mags_wormwood16Storrs: The Wormwood Review Press, December 1964
“The Dogs” [poem], “Poetess—For S.S.V.” [poem], “The Literary Life:” [poem], “When You Wait for the Dawn to Crawl Through the Screen like a Burglar to Take Your Life Away —” [poem], “Sleeping Woman” [poem], “The New Place” [poem]
(Dorbin C229-C234)

Note: This issue contains the booklet GRIP THE WALLS (Krumhansl 13)

153. OLE, No. 1, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole1Bensenville: The Mimeo Press, 1964
“Watchdog” [poem], “Freedom” [poem], “Age” [poem]
(Dorbin C235-C237)

154. NADADA, No. 1, edited by Timothy Baum and Gerard Malanga
mags_nadada01New York: Nadada Inc., August 1964
“My Real Love in Athens” [poem]
(Dorbin C238)

155. NOTES FROM UNDER­GROUND, No. 1, edited by John Bryan
San Francisco: Underground Press, 1964
“The Night They Took Whitey” [poem], “The Swan” [poem], “Insomnia” [poem], “6 A.M.” [poem], “Murder” [prose]
(Dorbin C239-C242, D26)

156. SCIAMACHY, No. 6, edited by Millea Levin
mags_sciamachy06Winnetka: Sciamachy, 1964
“Fragile” [poem], “4:30 A.M.” [poem]
(Dorbin C243-C244)

157. CHAT NOIR REVIEW, Vol. 2, No. 3, edited by Robert Herron Ingalls
mags_chat0203Chicago, 1964
“Fleg” [poem]
(Dorbin C245)

158. COAST­LINES, Vol. 6, No. 1-2, Issue 21/22, edited by Gene Frumkin
mags_coastlines0612Los Angeles: Coastlines, 1964
“Upon Listening to Symphony Music While Drunk” [poem], “Everything” [poem]
(Dorbin C246-C247)

159. COFFIN, No. 1, edited by E.V. Griffiths
buk_coffinEureka: Hearse Press, 1964
“His Wife, The Painter” [poem], “The Old Man on the Corner” [poem], “The Paper on the Floor” [poem], “Waste Basket” [poem]
(Dorbin C248-C251, Krumhansl 14)

160. EPOS, Vol. 16, No. 2
mags_epos1602Crescent City, Winter 1964-65
“Advice for Some Young Man in the Year 2064 A.D.” [poem]
(Dorbin C252)


161. DUST, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by Leonard Fulton
mags_dust0104El Cerrito: Dust Books, Winter 1965
“Uruguay or Hell” [poem]
(Dorbin C253)

162. BORDER, Vol. 1, No. 1, edited by Wayne Philpot
Fort Smith, January 1965
“The Simplicity of Everything” [poem]
(Dorbin C254)

163. WILD DOG, No. 13, edited by Drew Wagnon and Gino Clays
mags_wild13San Fran­cisco: Wild Dog, 12 January 1965
“The Madness of the Windows” [poem], “Game” [game], “The Vile World of Windows and Hammers -” [poem], “Down by the Wings” [poem]
(Dorbin C255-C258)

164. OPEN CITY PRESS, Vol. 1, No. 6
San Francisco, 6-13 January 1965
“If I Could Only Be Asleep” [prose]
(Dorbin D28)

165. JACARANDA, No. 6, edited by Joel Climenhaga
mags_jacaranda06Canton: Transient Press, February 1965
“Snow Bracero” [poem], “Non-Particular and Continuing Thoughts of Very Little Con­solation against the Knife —” [poem], “Naturally” [poem], “If You Teeth Your Vowels with the Right Amount of Vulgarity -” [poem]
(Dorbin C259-C262)

166. OLE, No. 2, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole2Bensenville, March 1965
“A Rambling Essay on Poetics and the Bleeding Life Written while Drinking a Six-Pack (Tall)” [prose]
(Dorbin D29)

Santa Fe, 21 March 1965
“And the Mouse Knows and the Windowpane and the Chair” [poem]
(Dorbin C262a)

mags_southern0502Raleigh, Spring 1965
“The Drowning” [poem], “18 Cars Full of Men Thinking What Could Have Been” [poem]
(Dorbin C263-C264)

169. EPOS, Vol. 16, No. 3, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1603Crescent City: Epos, Spring 1965
“The Terror of the Breath upon the Hand” [poem]
(Dorbin C265)

170. GRAFFITI, No. 1, edited by Steve Stern
Washington D.C.: Graffiti, Spring 1965
“I Think It’s Time You Kissed an Owl” [poem]
(Dorbin C266)

171. BORDER, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by Wayne Philpot
mags_border0102Forst Smith: Border Press, April 1965
“I Keep Wanting to See about Everything but I Can’t Get Started” [poem]
(Dorbin C267)

172. FLORIDA EDUCATION, Vol. 42, No. 9, edited by Ed Henderson
Tallahassee: Florida Education Association, May 1965
“The Day It Rained at the Los Angeles County Museum” [poem], “Side of the Sun” [poem], “Suicide” [poem], “The Tragedy of the Leaves” [poem], “Love & Fame & Death” [poem], “Old Man Dead in a Room” [poem], “Hooray Say the Roses” [poem], “The Kings Are Gone” [poem]
(Dorbin C51, C268-C270)
[not in archive]

173. FERMENT, No. 6, edited by Zoe Climenhaga
Canton: Transient Press, June 1965
“Ignis Fatuus” [poem], “Straight Down the Necktie” [poem], “V.G. and 9 Innings of This -” [poem]
(Dorbin C271-C273)

174. BLITZ, No. 1, edited by Bobby Watson and Mel Buffington
mags_blitz01La Grande: Mad Virgin Press, Summer 1965
“86’d” [poem], “On Going Out to Get the Mail” [poem], “Spain Sits like a Hidden Flower in My Coffeepot” [poem]
(Dorbin C274-C276)

175. EPOS, Vol. 16, No. 4, edited by Will Tullos and Evelyn Thorne
mags_epos1604Crescent City: EPOS, Summer 1965
“4:30 A.M.” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)

176. BORDER, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by Wayne Philpott
mags_border0103Fort Smith: Border Press, July 1965
“A Drink for a Lady on Talent Night” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)

177. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 5, No. 2, Issue 18, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood18Storrs: The Wormwood Review, July 1965
“. . . American Express, Athens, Greece:” [poem]
(Dorbin C277)

178. FERMENT, No. 7, edited by Zoe Climenhaga
Canton: Transient Press, July 1965
“Countryside” [poem]
(Dorbin C278)

179. GRAFFITI, No. 2, edited by Steve Stern
Washington D.C.: Graffiti, August 1965
“I Am Interviewed by a Guggenheim” [poem], “Sad-Eyed Mules of Men” [poem]
(Dorbin C279-C280)

180. OYEZ, Vol. 1
mags_oyez01Chicago, Fall 1965
“The Bones of My Uncle” [poem]
(Dorbin C281)

181. ANTE, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by William Harris
mags_ante0104Los Angeles: Echo Press, Fall 1965
“A Division” [poem], “Ivan the Terrible” [poem]
(Dorbin C282-C283)

182. EVIDENCE, No. 9, edited by Alan Bevan
mags_evidence09Toronto: The Executive Press, Fall 1965
“I Thought of Ships, of Armies, Hanging On…” [poem], “A Night of Mozart” [poem], “A Trainride in Hell” [poem], “The State of World Affairs from a 3rd Story Window” [poem]
(Dorbin C200, C284-C285)

INTERMISSION, Vol. 1, No. 20, edited by Gene Cole
Chicago: Hull House Theatre, October 1965
“Tired of Wild and Vacant Eyes” [poem]
(not in Dorbin)

183. KAURI, No. 10, edited by Will Inman
mags_kauri10New York: Kauri, September-October 1965
“A Party Here – Machineguns, Tanks, an Army Fighting against Men on Rooftops” [poem]
(Dorbin C286)

mags_newlantern03Houston, October 1965
“On A Grant” [poem], “I Am Eaten by Butterflies” [poem]
(Dorbin C287-C288)

185. SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN, 116th year, No. 274
Santa FE, 17 October 1965
“My Mother, Bless Her” [poem]
(Dorbin C289)

186. OLE, No. 3, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole3Bensenville, November 1965
“Drunk Again and Wondering, Wondering…” [poem]
(Dorbin C290)

187. SHOWCASE, No. 2, edited by James Gove
mags_showcase02Barstow, November-December 1965
“The High-Rise of the New World” [poem], “On the Train to Del Mar” [poem]
(Dorbin C291-C292)

188. KAURI, No. 11, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, November-December 1965
“I Am Afraid That I Will Continue to Drink Myself to Death for These Small Reasons Mentioned Here and for Other Reasons That Neither of Us Has Time for Because I Have the Need to Get Drunk Now—” [poem]
(Dorbin C293)

189. EARTH, No. 1, edited by Steve Richmond
mags_earth01Santa Monica: Earth Books and Gallery, 1965
“Freedom” [poem], “Rimbaud Be Damned: I Have Withstood 99,000 Seasons in Hell and I Still Look Down into This Glass Wondering, Wondering” [poem]
(Dorbin C236, C294)

190. BLITZ, No. 2, edited by Bobby Watson and Mel Buffington
mags_blitz2La Grande: Mad Virgin Press, late 1965
“40 Cigarettes” [poem], “A Dirty Joke” [poem], “The Rock” [poem]
(Dorbin C295-C297)

191. THE MARRAHWANNAH QUARTERLY, No. 4, edited by d.a. levy
levy_mq0104Cleveland: Renegade Press, 1965
“The Hell of It Is to Throw Away Rejected Poems That Seem to Say Something Anyhow Even If Perhaps Not Too Well—” [poem]
(Dorbin C298)


95. SIMBOLICA, No. 26, edited by Ignace Ingianni
Tiburon: Simbolica, Janu­ary 1966
“On Beercans and Sugar Cartoons” [poem]
(Dorbin C140a)

192. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 5, No. 3, Issue 19, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood19Storrs: The Wormwood Review, February 1966
“Birth” [poem], “About My Very Tortured Friend, Peter:” [poem]
(Dorbin C299-C300)

193. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 5, No. 4, Issue 20, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood20Storrs: The Wormwood Review, February 1966
“Finish” [poem], “Female and Breakdown and Peace” [poem], “6:21 P.M.” [poem]
(Dorbin C301-C303)

194. INTERMISSION, Vol. 2, No. 29, edited by Gene Cole
Chicago: Hull House Theatre, 6 March 1966
“Notes On An Undelighted Existence” [poem]
(Dorbin C303a)

195. KAURI, No. 13
New York: Kauri, March-April 1966
“The Funnypaper And/Or Comic Life”, “H-Bomb,”
(Dorbin C304-C305)

196. THE GOODLY COMPANY, No. 5, edited by G. Russell Morgan
mags_goodly05Kalamazoo, April 1966
“A Killer Gets Ready”
(Dorbin C306)

197. SPECTRO­SCOPE, Vol. 1, No. 1
Fort Smith, April 1966
“The Devious Good Of Rescuing The Suffering”, “Essay For Your Mother-Nothingness”
(Dorbin C307, D39)

198. OUTCAST, No. 1, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe: Outcast, Spring 1966
“And Now I Sit In A Small Paper Place”
(Dorbin C308)

199. EARTH, No. 2, edited by Steve Richmond
Santa Monica: Earth Books, Spring 1966
“True Story”, [untitled]: “god I got the sad blue blues…”, “I Love You”, “3 Lovers”, “I Am Read To:”, “The People”, “In Defense Of A Certain Type Of Poetry, A Certain Type Of Life, A Certain Type Of Blood-Filled Creature Who Will Some­day Die —”
(Dorbin C309-C314, D35)

200. OLE, No. 4, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole4Bensenville, May 1966
“O, We Are The Outcasts, O We Burn In Wondrous Flame!”
(Dorbin C315)

201. KAURI, No. 14, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, May-June 1966
“Bach & A Bumblebee & An Old Newspaper”
(Dorbin C316)

202. DUST, Vol. 2, No. 4, Issue 8, edited by Leonard Fulton
mags_dust8El Cerrito: Dust Books, Spring-Summer 1966
“A Fine Day And The World Looks Good”
(Dorbin C317)

203. OLE, No. 5, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole5Bensenville, June 1966
“The Old Pro”
(Dorbin D41)

204. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 1, Issue 21, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood21Storrs: The Wormwood Review, July 1966
“Dear Friend”, “One Hundred And Ninety-nine Pounds Of Clay Leaning Forward”, “A World, Really-”
(Dorbin C318-C319a)

205. OLE, No. 6, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole6Bensenville, July 1966
“Nature Poem”‘The Noiseless Care Of A Blue Violet,”
(Dorbin C320-C321)

206. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 2, Issue 22, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood22Storrs: The Wormwood Review, July 1966
“Notes On A Bluebird Flying Past My Window”, “In This Place We Eat Apples And Cut Our Fingers On Beer-cans”
(Dorbin C322-C322a)

207. ENTRAILS, No. 1, edited by Gene Bloom
mags_entrails01New York: Whisper Shit Press, July 1966
“2-Ezra-Buk”, “One Hundred And Ten Years Hanging On The Cross”
(Dorbin C323-C324)

208. LABRIS, No. 4-5
mags_labris45Lier, 1 Juli 1966
“The State Of World Affairs From A Third Floor Window”, “The Priest and the Matador”, “When Hugo Wolf Went Mad”, “The Tragedy of the Leaves”, “Age”, “What Seems to be the Trouble Gentlemen”, “Machineguns, Towers & Timeclocks”
(Dorbin C45, C76, C123, C237, C325-C326)

209. AMERICAN TURF MONTHLY, Vol. 20, No. 240
New York City, July 1966
“No. 6”
(Dorbin C327)

210. SHOWCASE, No. 3, edited by James Gove
mags_showcase03Barstow: Showcase, July 1966
“Poem For My Daughter”, “Good Morning”
(Dorbin C328-C329)

211. KAURI, No. 15, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, July-August 1966
“Save the World!”
(not in Dorbin)

212. AVALANCHE, No. 1, edited by Richard Krech
mags_avalanche01Berkeley: Undermine Press, Summer 1966
“A Conversation On Morality, Eternity And Copulation:”, “For The Girl Standing Outside My Window:”, “A Kind Of Lecture On A Dull Day When There Isn’t Even A Fly Around To Kill”
(Not in Dorbin)

213. OUTCAST, No. 2, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe: Outcast, Summer 1966
“My God, My Mother, Most Holy Thing: Shaken And Awaken The Drunken Hell Of Myself And Save Me!”
(Dorbin C330)

214. VAGABOND, Vol. 1, No. 2, edited by John Bennett
mags_vagabond0102Munich, Summer 1966
“I Will Never Ride A Horse Along The Sands Of Normandy Or Against The Sides Of Your Brain, Lilac-Raining Like It is Tonight…”
(Dorbin C331)

215. INTERMISSION, edited by Gene Cole
mags_intermission966Chicago: Hull House Theatre, September 1966
“Portrait Of A Soul For Flies”, ‘The Terror Of Sunlight Is People Walking Through Who Were Long Ago Lost In Intention And Who Have Now Turned To Mobile Shit”
(Dorbin C332-C333)

216. ENTRAILS, No. 2, edited by Gene Bloom
mags_entrails02New York: Whisper Shit Press, September-October 1966
(Dorbin C334)

217. OUTCAST, No. 3, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe: Outcast, October 1966
“And The Mouse Knows And The Windowpane And The Chair”
(Dorbin C262a)

218. AVA­LANCHE, No. 2, edited by Richard Krech
mags_avalanche2Berkeley: The Undermine Press, Fall 1966
“Guilt Obsession Behind A Cloud Of Rockets:”
(Dorbin C335)

219. BLITZ, No. 3
La Grande, Fall 1966
“Oh My God, I Love Everything So Much It Makes Me Vomit”
(Dorbin C335a)

220. VAGABOND, Vol. 1, No. 3, edited by John Bennett
mags_vagabond0103Munich, Fall 1966
“These Mad Windows That Taste Life And Cut Me If I Go Through Them”
(Dorbin C336)

221. THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, No. 1, edited by Hale Chatfield
mags_hiram01Hiram: English Department of Hiram College, Fall-Winter 1966
“The Great One:”
(Dorbin C337)

222. DARE, Vol. 4, No. 8, edited by Jack Cashin
Cleveland: Cashin Publishing, November 1966
“The Moment of Truth”
(Dorbin C339)

[not in archive]

223. GRIST, No. 9, edited by John E. Fowler
mags_grist09Lawrence, November 1966
“Hot”, “Fire”
(Dorbin C340-C341)

224. KAURI, No. 17, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, November-December 1966
“Moyamensing Prison:”
(Dorbin C342)

225. SOME/THING, Vol. 2, No. 1, Issue 3, edited by David Antin and Jerome Rothenberg
mags_something03New York City, Winter 1966
“Drawing Of A Band Concert On A Matchbox:”
(Dorbin C343)

226. THE EIGHT PAGER, Series 1, Part 3, edited by D.R. Wagner
Niagara Falls: New York Press Today Niagara, 1966
“The Stupid Are Best At The Cruelties:”, “The Sex-Obsessed Ladies Walking By Me After Work”
(Dorbin C344-C345)

227. NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND, No. 2, edited by John Thomas
mags_notes02Los Angeles, 1966
“A Nice Place”, “All The White Rats”
(Dorbin C346-C347)

228. MOONSTONES, No. 2, edited by D.R. Wagner
mags_moonstones2Niagara Falls: Moonstones, 1966
“A Man Gets Tired”
(Dorbin C348)

229. GRANDE RONDE REVIEW, No. 6, edited by Ben L. Hiatt
mags_granderonde06La Grande, 1966
“The Hairy Hairy Fist, And Love Will Die”
(Dorbin C349)

230. INTREPID, No. 6, edited by Allen De Loach
mags_intrepid6Buffalo: Intrepid Press, 1966
“Imperfection Says Grace”
(Dorbin C350)

mags_poetry910Sacramento, late 1966
“The Sadness Of Rainpipes And Murder, And Myself Alive”
(Dorbin C351)

232. AVALANCHE, No. 3, edited by Richard Krech
mags_avalanche03Berkeley: The Undermine Press, Winter 1966
(Dorbin C352)

233. ICONOLATRE, No. 18/19, edited by Alex Hand and Alan Turner
mags_iconolatre18West Hartlepool: Iconolatre Press, 1966
“The Serious Boys”, “Officers Club, A.P.O. : (for M.K. and J;B.)”, “Swastika Star Buttoned To My Ass”, “Yellow”, “Crazy Man, Another One -“, “He Even Looked Like A Nice Guy”, “A Last Shot On Two Good Horses”
(Dorbin C353-C359)

234. XENIA
Chicago, 1966
“Rich Man”
(Dorbin C360)

123. SIMBOLICA, No. 27, edited by Ignace Ingianni
Tiburon, 1966
“Who Killed Charles Bukowski?”
(Dorbin C183)


235. OUTCAST, No. 4, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe, January 1967
“Cement Man On Cement Horse””Love,”
(Dorbin C361-C362)

236. GRIST, No. 11, edited by John E. Fowler
Lawrence, January 1967
[untitled]: “a kind of argument…”, “One For The Old Man”
(Dorbin C363-C364)

237. NEXUS, Vol. 3, No. 1, Issue 14, edited by Jerome Kulek
San Francisco, January-February 1967
“And There Are Enough Of Those Now”
(Dorbin C365)

238. KAURI, No. 18, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, January-February 1967
“Sometimes When I Feel Blue I Listen To Mahler”
(Dorbin C366)

239. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 6, No. 4, Issue  24, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood24Storrs: The Wormwood Review, March 1967
“Buffalo Bill”, “A Little Atomic Bomb”, “The Colored Birds”, “Somebody Always Breaking My Dainty Solitude”, “Fag, Fag, Fag”, “The Screw-Game”
(Dorbin C367-C372)

240. INTREPID, No. 7, edited by Allen De Loach
mags_intrepid07Buffalo: Intrepid Press, March 1967
“Men’s Crapper”
(Dorbin C373)

241. KAURI, No. 19, edited by Will Inman
New York: Kauri, March-April 1967
“Notes from Underground”
(not in Dorbin)

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San Francisco, March-April 1967
“Tough Luck”
(Dorbin C374)

243. OUTCAST, No. 5, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe: Outcast, April 1967
“My Mother, Bless Her”
(Dorbin C289)

244. CONGRESS, No. 1, edited by Sam Seiffer
Bronx: Congress, Spring 1967
“The Way The Dead Love”
(Dorbin D45)

245. WRITER’S FORUM, Vol. 2, No. 4, edited by Newton Berry
New York City, Spring 1967
[untitled]: “immersion in a Cause in old shower cap gives…”
(Dorbin C375)

mags_prism0603Vancouver, Spring 1967
“The Seminar”
(Dorbin C376)

247. VAGABOND, No. 4, edited by John Bennett
mags_vagabond0104Munich, Spring 1967
“We Do Our Work”
(Dorbin C377)

248. DOWN HERE, No. 2
New York City, Spring 1967
“Down To 2 Bottle Of Beer And Smoking Old Cigar Stubs:”, “Green”
(Dorbin C377a-C377b)

249. OLE, No. 8, edited by Douglas Blazek
mags_ole08Wood Dale: Ole, April 1967
“Love Makes Its Gun Into The Horrible Cunt Of Life”
(Dorbin C378)

mags_flash4Pasadena, 12 May 1967
“A Rambling Essay on Poetics and the Bleeding Life Written While Drinking A Six-Pack (Tall)”
(previously appears in Dorbin D29)

251. LITERARY TIMES, Vol. 4, No. 6, edited by Jay Robert Nash
Chicago: Literary Times, May-June 1967
“What Made You Lose Your Inspiration?”, “The Dwarf With The Big Punch”
(Dorbin C378a-C378b)

mags_flash5Pasadena, 1 June 1967
“Truth’s A Hell Of A Word”
(Dorbin C379)

253. THE WILLIE, No. 1
mags_willie1San Francisco: The Manic Press, Summer 1967
“The Kiss-Off”, “One Hundred and Ninetyseven Degrees”
(Dorbin C380-C381)

254. VAGABOND, No. 5, edited by John Bennett
mags_vagabond04Munich, Summer 1967
“The Flower Lover”, “I Met A Genius”
(Dorbin C382-C383)

255. CHOICE, No. 5, edited by Aaron Siskind and Roger Logan
Chicago: Choice Magazine, Summer, 1967
“People As Flowers”, “To Hell With Robert Schumann”
(Dorbin C384-C385)

256. OUTCAST, No. 6, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
Santa Fe: Outcast, July 1967
(Dorbin C386)

Tucson, 15 July 1967
(Dorbin C387)

258. ENTRAILS, No. 4, edited by Gene Bloom
mags_entrails4New York: Whispershit Press, July-August 1967
“The Faces Are Gnawing At My Walk But Have Not Yet Come In…”
(Dorbin C388)

259. SALTED FEATHERS, No. 10, edited by Dick Bakken
mags_salted10Portland: Wine Press, August 1967
“Answer To A Note Found In The Mailbox:”
(Dorbin C389)

260. KLACTO/23, edited by Carl Weissner
Heidelberg: Panic Press, September 1967
“Finish”, “Communists”, “Escape”, “An Action Afternoon”, “Worms”
(Dorbin C301, 390-C393)

261. OPEN CITY, No. 28
Los Angeles, 10-16 November 1967
“Easy Money”

262. OPEN CITY, No. 30
Los Angeles, 23-29 November 1967
“Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”
(Dorbin C395)

263. INTREPID, No. 9, edited by Allen De Loach
mags_intrepid9Buffalo: Intrepid Press, December 1967
“Poem For The Death Of An American Serviceman In Vietnam:”, “A Bad Night – Blame The Bourbon”, “From The Dept. Of English”
(Dorbin C396-C398)

264. THE OTHER, No. 4, edited by Richard Mangelsderff
Milwaukee, 1967
“Fire Station”, “Anything: Say, A Bandage On The Musket Of A Gun In The Private Collection Of A Man In A House, A House On A Hill, A Hill In The Sun-”
(Dorbin C399-C399a)


265. OUTCAST, No. 8, edited by Jean & Veryl Rosenbaum
mags_outcast08_xSanta Fe: Outcast, January 1968
“My Eyes Sleep”
(Dorbin C400)
[not in archive]

266. COPKILLER, No. 1, edited by Robert Head and Darlene Fife
mags_copkiller1New Orleans, January 1968
“The Status Q. For Me And Yew…”
(Dorbin C401)

267. THE WILLIE, No. 2
mags_willie02San Francisco: Manic Press, Spring 1968
“Bogart In The World Of The Dead”
(Dorbin C402)

268. THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, No. 4, edited by Hale Chatfield
mags_hiram04Hiram: Hiram College, Spring-Summer 1968
“Regular Grind: The Coffee Life”
(Dorbin C403)

269. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 8, No. 1, Issue 29, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood29Storrs: The Wormwood Review, April 1968
“One For Ging, With Klux Top”, “Footnote Upon The Construction Of The Masses:”
(Dorbin C404-C405)

Los Aneles, 1-14 May 1968
“A Picture Book For Marina Bukowski”
(Dorbin C406)

Los Aneles, 20-26 September 1968
“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”
(Dorbin C407)

272. THE LAMPETER MUSE, Vol. 3, No. 3, edited by Norman Weinstein
New York: Bard College, Fall 1968
“A Literary Romance”
(not in Dorbin; previously appeared in Hearse 8)

273. THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, No. 5, edited by Hale Chatfield
mags_hiram05Hiram: Hiram College, Fall-Winter 1968
“Just Another Wino”
(Dorbin C408)

274. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 8, No. 2, Issue 30, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood30Storrs: The Wormwood Review, October 1968
“No Hole In The Sky”
(Dorbin C409)

275. GHOST-DANCE, No. 1, edited by Hugh Fox
East Lansing, October 1968
“Yellow Sun Yellow Cat Eye Kitchen Floor”
(Dorbin C410)

276. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 8, No. 3, Issue 31, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood31Storrs: The Worm Wood Review, October 1968
“The Underground”
(Dorbin C411)

277. OPEN CITY, No. 80
Los Angeles, 29 Novem­ber-5 December 1968
“The Drowning Of The Ants”, “Junky Daughter”, “Six Chink Fishermen”
(Dorbin C412-C414)

278. INTRANSIT, edited by Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga
mags_intransitEugene: Toad Press, 1968
“That’s Where They Came From”, “It Is Very Good To Know When You Are Done”, “Poem for Brigitte Bardot”
(not in Dorbin)


279. EVERGREEN REVIEW, No. 63, edited by Barney Rosset
New York: Evergreen Review, February 1969
“Even The Sun Was Afraid”
(Dorbin C415)

281. INTREPID, No. 11/12, edited by Allen De Loach
Buffalo: Intrepid Press, March 1969
“Don’t Worry, Baby, I’ll Get It”, “Notebook:”
(Dorbin C416a-C416b)

282. THE OUTSIDER, Vol. 2, No. 4/5, edited by Jon Edgar & Gypsy Lou Webb
Tucson: Loujon Press, Winter 1968-69
“Kaakaa & Other Immolations””Beef Tongue”, “Like A Flyswatter”, “The Last Round”
(Dorbin C417-C420)

mags_penguin13London: Penguin Books, 1969
“Crucifix In A Deathhand”, “A Nice Day”, “Sunflower”, “The Loss, The Loss, The Loss”, “They, All Of Them, Know”, “Confession For Those Who Do Not Breathe At Funerals”, “I Wait In The White Rain”, “Sway With Me”, “A Report Upon The Consumption Of Myself”, “A Farewell Thing While Breathing”, “I Write This Upon The Last Drink’s Hammer”, “When The Berry Bush Dies I’ll Swim Down The Green River With My Hair On Fire”, “I Was Born To Hustle Roses Down The Avenues Of The Dead”, “Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You…”
(Dorbin C421-C434)

285. VAGABOND, No. 7, edited by John Bennett
New Orleans, Summer 1969
“And All The Snow Melted”
(Dorbin C437)
[not in archive]

286. LAUGH LITERARY AND MAN THE HUMPING GUNS, No. 1, edited by Charles Bukowski and Neeli Cherry
mags_laugh01Los Angeles: Laugh Literary, May 1969
“The Grand Pricks Of The Hob-Nailed Sun”, “I Thought I Was Going To Get Some”
(Dorbin C438-C439)

288. THE WORMWOOD REVIEW, Vol. 9, No. 1, Issue 33, edited by Marvin Malone
mags_wormwood33Storrs: The Wormwood Review, July 1969
“The Ladies Still Don’t Care”
(Dorbin C440)

289. HEARSE, No. 10, edited by E.V. Griffith
mags_hearse10Eureka: Hearse Press, August 1969
“The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills”
(Dorbin C441)

New York City, September 1969
“The Birth, Life And Death Of An Underground Newspaper”
(Dorbin D145)

292. CATERPILLAR, No. 8/9, edited by Clayton Eshelman
mags_caterpillar08New York: Caterpillar, October 1969
“What a Man I Was”
(previously appeared in Dorbin C42)

293. STOOGE, No. 3
mags_stooge03n.p., n.d. (1969)
“Shoelace”, “My Hell”, “Nothing for a Title…”, “O, Yes”, “A Bottomless Joint on Sunset near Western”
(not in Dorbin)


Charles Bukowski


Section A: Books and Chapbooks
Section B: Broadsides
Section C: Contributions to Books and Anthologies
Section D: Contributions to Periodicals
Section E: Miscellaneous Prose

Henry Charles Bukowski (August 16, 1920 – March 9, 1994) was a German-born American poet, novelist, and short story writer.

His writing was influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambiance of his home city of Los Angeles. His work addresses the ordinary lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, alcohol, relationships with women, and the drudgery of work. Bukowski wrote thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories and six novels, eventually publishing over sixty books. The FBI kept a file on him as a result of his column, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, in the LA underground newspaper Open City. Bukowski published extensively in small literary magazines and with small presses beginning in the early 1940s and continuing on through the early 1990s.

Regarding Bukowski’s enduring popular appeal, Adam Kirsch of The New Yorker wrote, “the secret of Bukowski’s appeal. . . [is that] he combines the confessional poet’s promise of intimacy with the larger-than-life aplomb of a pulp-fiction hero.”

When Bukowski was 24, his short story “Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip” was published in Story magazine. Two years later, another short story, “20 Tanks from Kasseldown”, was published by the Black Sun Press in Issue III of Portfolio: An Intercontinental Quarterly, a limited-run, loose-leaf broadside collection printed in 1946 and edited by Caresse Crosby. Failing to break into the literary world, Bukowski grew disillusioned with the publication process and quit writing for almost a decade, a time that he referred to as a “ten-year drunk”. These “lost years” formed the basis for his later semi-autobiographical chronicles, although they are fictionalized versions of Bukowski’s life through his highly stylized alter-ego, Henry Chinaski.

During part of this period he continued living in Los Angeles, working at a pickle factory for a short time but also spending some time roaming about the United States, working sporadically and staying in cheap rooming houses. In the early 1950s, Bukowski took a job as a fill-in letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service in Los Angeles but resigned just before he reached three years’ service.

By 1960, Bukowski had returned to the post office in Los Angeles where he began work as a letter filing clerk, a position he held for more than a decade.

Jon and Louise Webb, now recognized as giants of the post-war ‘small-press movement’, published The Outsider literary magazine and featured some of Bukowski’s poetry. Under the Loujon Press imprint, they published Bukowski’s It Catches My Heart in Its Hands in 1963 and Crucifix in a Deathhand in 1965.

Beginning in 1967, Bukowski wrote the column “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” for Los Angeles’ Open City, an underground newspaper. When Open City was shut down in 1969, the column was picked up by the Los Angeles Free Press as well as the hippie underground paper NOLA Express in New Orleans. In 1969 Bukowski and Neeli Cherkovski launched their own short-lived mimeographed literary magazine, Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns. They produced 3 issues over the next 2 years.

In 1969 Bukowski accepted an offer from Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin and quit his post office job to dedicate himself to full-time writing. He was then 49 years old. As he explained in a letter at the time, “I have one of two choices – stay in the post office and go crazy … or stay out here and play at writer and starve. I have decided to starve.” Less than one month after leaving the postal service he finished his first novel, Post Office. As a measure of respect for Martin’s financial support and faith in a relatively unknown writer, Bukowski published almost all of his subsequent major works with Black Sparrow Press. An avid supporter of small independent presses, he continued to submit poems and short stories to innumerable small publications throughout his career.

Bukowski died of leukemia on March 9, 1994, in San Pedro, aged 73, shortly after completing his last novel, Pulp.

References consulted:

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New York: AMS Press, September 2012

Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1969

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Online resources:
Collecting Bukowski
Wormwood Review

The Galley Sail Review

The Galley Sail Review was edited by Stanley McNail in San Francisco starting in the late 1950s (issue 1 was Winter 1958) through the 80s. This isn’t quite as long of a stretch as The Wormwood Review, which was published by Marvin Malone from 1959 to 1999, but it’s an impressive run for a poetry magazine.

During the course of it’s run The Galley Sail Review published poetry and writing by: Philip Whalen, Robert Creeley, Ebbe Borregaard, Louis Zukofsky, Jonathan Williams, Charles Bukowski, William Carlos Williams, Russell Atkins, Gary Snyder, Clarence Major, Diane Wakowski, Joel Oppenheimer, Philip Lamantia, Cid Corman, Michael McClure, Margaret Randall, Loss Pequeño Glazier, James Broughton, Judson Crews, James Schevill, A.D. Winans, Peter Wild, Lyn Lifshin, Edward Mycue, and more.


Issue 6 shown above contains Charles Bukowski’s A CONVERSATION IN A CHEAP ROOM.

THE GALLEY SAIL REVIEW, Volume 2, Number 2, Issue 6, edited by Stanley McNail.
San Francisco: Galley Sail Publications, June 1960
First edition, printed stapled wrappers, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 40 pages. (Dorbin C58)

For further reading and research see the Bukowski.net database of poems and the official Wormwood Review site.

d.a. levy

Section A: Books and Other Separate Publications
Section B: Contributions to Books and Other Publications
Section C: Contributions to Periodicals
Section D: Publications Edited and Published
Section E: Periodicals and Series Edited and Published

Jim Lowell’s d.a. levy checklist

Falling Down Press and Kirpan Press

Further Reading and Reference:

THE BUDDHIST THIRD CLASS JUNKMAIL ORACLE: The Art and Poetry of d.a. levy, edited by Mike Golden. NY: Seven Stories Press, 1999.

D.A. LEVY & THE MIMEOGRAPH REVOLUTION, edited by Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg. Huron: Bottom Dog Press, 2007

LOOKING FOR D.A. LEVY (RANDOM SIGHTINGS): THE D.A. LEVY BIBLIOGRAPHY, Volume 1 [1963-1966], edited by Kent Taylor and Alan Horvath. Vancouver: Kirpan Press, 2006

LOOKING FOR D.A. LEVY (RANDOM SIGHTINGS): THE D.A. LEVY BIBLIOGRAPHY, Volume 2 [1967-1968], edited by Kent Taylor and Alan Horvath. Vancouver: Kirpan Press, 2008

ZEN CONCRETE & ETC. BY D.A. LEVY, edited by Ingrid Swanberg. Madison: Ghost Pony Press, 1991

Additional Resources:

Cleveland Memory Project

d.a. levy home page

Deep Cleveland

Literary Kicks

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Unlike spirit duplicators (where the only ink available is depleted from the master image), mimeograph technology works by forcing a replenishable supply of ink through the stencil master. In theory, the mimeography process could be continued indefinitely, especially if a durable stencil master were used (e.g. a thin metal foil). In practice, most low-cost mimeo stencils gradually wear out over the course of producing several hundred copies. Typically the stencil deteriorates gradually, producing a characteristic degraded image quality until the stencil tears, abruptly ending the print run. If further copies are desired at this point, another stencil must be made.

Spirit Duplicator:
A spirit duplicator (also referred to as a Ditto machine in North America, Banda machine in the UK or Roneo in Australia, France and South Africa) was a printing method invented in 1923. The term “spirit duplicator” refers to the alcohols which were a major component of the solvents used as “inks” in these machines.

The usual wax color was aniline purple (mauve), a cheap, moderately durable pigment that provided good contrast, but masters were also manufactured in red, green, blue, black, and the hard-to-find orange, yellow, and brown. All except black reproduced in pastel shades: pink, mint, sky blue, and so on.

Spirit duplicators had the useful ability to print multiple colors in a single pass, which made them popular with cartoonists. Multi-colored designs could be made by swapping out the waxed second sheets; for instance, shading in only the red portion of an illustration while the top sheet was positioned over a red-waxed second sheet. This was possible because the duplicating fluid was not ink, but a clear solvent.